Sunday, April 6, 2008

Pictures from Iraq

Gunner sent these pictures over today. He was able to get on the web cam for a short bit till it bogged down the connection. Junior saw him and started screeching "My Daddy! My Daddy!" and laughing uncontrollably.


Uncle Dan said...

Thanks for the pic's.

Anonymous said...

Thank God you didn't share the post-blue jello poopy diaper pic. That was just too much!

My favorite Gunner in Iraq pic is still the one of him "reading" a magazine on top of the tank. I think it was from his first tour?

trying said...

great pics! but you always have the cutest pics : )

dutchgirl said...

Aw, what wonderful pictures. I see you've been up to all sorts of "fun" while I've been away. I'm off to catch up!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Gunner!

eMail Our Military said...

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Tiff said...

Great Pictures! I know your kids were thrilled to see his face!

wifeunit said...

Great he is able to send such good pictures! Had me tearing up a bit remembering getting my first batch. Carolina was pretty funny when we got the first pictures. She would wave goodbye to daddy when we were done looking at them.

Too cute!