Thursday, April 3, 2008


I finally finished all of my observation hours, with the last 7 this week. What a relief. I still need to compile everything, summarize, and all that good stuff, but at least I have 2 weeks to do that without the added pressure of not having my hours done!

Today starts the training for the Muddy Buddy or training for one of the many other things that I want to do. I say training, very very loosely.

The girls have swim lessons again tonight. They are doing really well. They wanted goggles and I found some at Walgreens that were $12.99. I wouldn't buy them. I found two pairs for $1.49 at walmart or something. The girls tell me they don't work. So much for saving money!

Still no word recently from Gunner. Hopefully soon.


Uncle Dan said...

I had the same problem with goggles and face masks several years ago with the GKd's so I juts let their parents take care of it and I'm home free.

Catherine said...

Goggles are worth every penny you put into them. I learned that lesson the hard way as well. Of course you will still replace them at least once a year depending on use! I am on already on my 3rd pair of 2008.

I am so jealous you are doing a muddy buddy - the nearest one to me is Chicago so I wont be doing that this year!! What fun! However, my half marathon has arrived so ABW I could use some positive thoughts beginning at 7:00am Sunday.

Gypsy at heart said...

how many trashdays now?