Thursday, July 31, 2008

My crazy life

I'm on the home stretch with school! I still have a ton of homework to do, but knowing that I have a job makes everything worthwhile. I have a lot to do to get things ready for school too, and Gunner is due home in a few weeks for 18 days of R&R. He might get more rest in Iraq!

Junior's surgery had to be cancelled because it has only been two weeks since he had pneumonia. Of course they didn't want to give me any dates and I would have to wait to be called. I had been waiting since June 1st, so I started making calls, and if they couldn't help me, I went higher. I dealt with an absolutely amazing SSG in the patient liaison office, and he kept me informed, worked hard, and scheduled Junior's surgery for when Gunner would be home and his pre-op too. (Put that on Gunner's list)

The thingy you step on to get into the car is slightly skewed, but I haven't had a chance to take it in. (Let's put that on Gunner's list too)

Abs needs an EKG, but they only do them Friday mornings when I have class or training. (One more thing for Gunner's list)

Abs needs a follow up appt at the doctor but a parent has to take her since we will be talking about changing her medication. (One more for the list)

The kids need school supplies and uniforms. (I'll try to get this one, but might have to leave it to him)

His car needs an oil change which requires a trip to the dealer--don't even get me started on why we can't take it to one of those quick places, damn Saturn. (sounds like a fun trip for Gunner and the kids)

There's a few other dozen things that need to get done too. Not very relaxing, but I know Gunner will jump in with both feet and help get things done. Several times when he was home for a long weekend before he deployed, he would run around with me while I ran errands, drove kids around, etc. He was always in awe of how much I could accomplish in a short period of time to keep this family running. At least I know he appreciates me!

I'm sure we will mix in some fun activities like the water park, shopping, and the like. I can't wait, even if I will be working almost every day he is home.

I'm sailing along through SAIL. Today I had them paint the paper mache rats that I had them make the first day. Tomorrow we decorate them, so I'll be staying up half the night making whiskers out of fishing line and cutting cute little pink ears. They are so excited about it. My two lessons the other day went really well. the kids loved the treasure hunt and all of them could read a mad by the time we were done. The terrariums were a big hit as well and they can all describe the water cycle to me in detail. Next week it is butter, France, French words, nonstandard measurement with rats, and a graphic organizer thrown in for good measure.

Abs is doing okay. I went to pay for daycare yesterday and they told me that I couldn't pay with a credit card in the afternoon, only the morning. There was another lady there trying to pay and they told her the machine was down in the morning and try again in the afternoon. They told us we could pay the next day but there would be a late charge??? What??? I argued. I would be penalized because there machines don't work? It's a long drawn out story, but I don't think they are charging us a late fee now. I can't wait till they are out of there. They do a lot of fun activities, but the staff is not that great.

I saw Em the other day, home from her jaunt to the UK. I pick her up for good tomorrow and I can't wait to see all of her pictures and everything that she brought back. She had a great time!! I did find a message from her today when I got home from school and she was whispering, asking me for guitar lessons.

And I hiring a maid for my own sanity. I have to clean before I can let her in though....


Uncle Dan said...

Sounds like everything is falling into place there at Hood, good for you.

Abbey said...

is that lady who will clean the same lady that you told me about? cuz if she works out I will so hire her. Tell her that too! Ryan should be home in a few weeks and I need to get it done!!!! lol...

BB tonight. My life is reduced to that. Counting days between BB episodes.

The Mrs. said...

wow your busy. really busy. you sound like you absolutely need a maid... and a personal assistant!

rose_michelle said...

Hi Sweetie! I just wanted to say "hey" and let you know I gave you an award. Check out my page!

Sandy's Notes said...

You make me so tired just reading what you plan. Save some time for yourself and recharging, that structure you're building is a big one, and it needs you to hold it up!

So glad to hear that Gunner's coming home.

Michelle said...

Sounds like things are going pretty good and at least you'll have a little help with things for a couple weeks. Maybe you'll get a chance to relax a bit :)