Monday, July 28, 2008


When I was researching alternative certification programs so that I could become a teacher, I had a few things that I was looking for. I needed one that would work with daycare, so I wasn't going at night, and I wanted one that was going to give me the most experience. Since I don't have to do student teaching, I selected the program that had a two week program where we taught. Sure it's not all day, but we have certain days that we do teach, so we spend our time preparing lesson plans, fillers, and handling classroom management.

Our two week program started today. My group chose the movie Ratatouille as our theme. This morning each one of the groups did a skit to try and entice the students to select our class. I was so worried about it, and worried about no one choosing us. We were the first group that filled up, and we have 8 cute little girls in our class. It's funny, because since we are in groups, Ms. J is a second grade teacher, I will teach 2nd grade, and our last partner is a junior high science teacher and football coach. He was totally overwhelmed with a class full of girls, since he has no idea what to do with them. It will all work out thought.

There are a lot of great groups, like grossology, a journey through Africa, Texas Indian Powow, Shrek's Trek, and more. The grossology group was sporting fake wounds today--my kids would have been all over that. We have gone to Explore UT several years in a row, and the first year we missed the fake wound booth. That's all the girls talked about for the next year until we could go again, and we had to be first in line for a wound. I'll have to find pictures, because by the time they left, one had a huge gash and a head injury, and the other had an open wound with a broken arm. My dainty delicate daughters.

Today I started the first step in our paper mache rat quest. I made one of my own, and it started out looking like a giant sperm. It now kind of looks like a cat, but the kids thought it looks like a rat and they were more excited about doing an arts and crafts project than anything.

I have a map lesson coming up, one on the water cycle where we will make terrariums, a walk through France where we will learn about the culture, trivia, learn some French words (I hope I am saying them correctly), make butter to eat with French bread, and non standard measurement with rats. We also have career day, rodents of the world, popcorn and the 5 senses, several reader's theater, and tons more. It should be a lot of fun, and I am kind of relieved we have all girls since Em and Abs have given me enough experience in that arena.

So, I have two more weeks left of school and then I start getting ready to teach with all the orientations, etc. I have no idea where to even start, so I am a little worried. Yes, it didn't take long and I found something else to worry about.


Uncle Dan said...

We are so proud of your accomplishments Within the teaching profession, Can we hear a WHOORAH?

Uncle Dan said...

Congrats!! You are off to an outstanding start! I'm sure the kids will love your classes & are lucky to be in your group.

Love ya,
Aunt ME

Reasa said...

I know you will be an awesome teacher. I am amazed by all you have done. Makes me feel like I can defeat anything.

Anonymous said...

I was just reading your blog and thought I'd share this video; it's a friend's little sister singing a song she wrote for her boyfriend before he left for Iraq for a second tour (he left Friday, July 25 2008; the video was filmed the night before). She's 18, he's 20...beautiful song of love and appreciation.
The link to the video on you tube is below, or you can search 'kelsey westfall' on you tube. Have some kleenex ready...

The Mrs. said...

yeah something new to worry about!

good luck with your teaching!

Jennifer Bowen said...

Hi! Found your blog through a friend's site and I've enjoyed reading it so far.

Congratulations on getting the teaching position! This area definitely needs some good teachers.

Take care! :)