Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hot, Hot, Hot

When Em was a baby we had a Sesame Street cd with that song on it. It's our new theme song here in Texas.

On Friday night, for the first time in I don't know how long, I went out. My fellow classmates and I went out to celebrate the last day of classes. With no stress, we played pool, shot darts, drank beer, and of course talked and talked and talked. We all come from such different walks of life, and although 8 months ago we had never met, we have now become great friends. Next week we start training, and while some of us are at the same schools, others are teaching the same grades at different schools and the sharing and networking has begun. I definitely couldn't have asked for a better group of people to be associated with and to spend all day every day with. I'll miss them, but our fall classes start up in September and most of them will be in training with me next week.

I got Em from camp on Saturday. It was so good to see her, even with her bandaged hand. Her hand is still really swollen, but she said it looked a ton better. Good thing I didn't see it after it had happened! She had a great time at Camp Pine Cove. It was a great place, and after getting hurt on the horse, she was scared to get back on, but they helped her conquer that fear. Thank goodness! She loved the zip line, the challenge course, the theme nights, swimming, pickle ball, arts and crafts, capture the flag, tons more, and the food was great to boot! At the end of the session they had a big closing ceremony, and then you could preregister for next year. This year Em went on a military scholarship, so we weren't sure how to fill out the form, since there is no way we can pay for this camp out of pocket--$800 a week! Ouch! So my friend sent her husband over to talk to the director and then he came back and told us what to put on the form.

While my friend and I were talking, a guy came over and started talking to her husband. He offered to pay the $125 deposit today because he had overheard that he was military and he wanted to thank him for his service. Talk about nice! Of course my friend's husband turned it down, but the thought that he was so generous, just warmed our hearts for the day.

We took Junior to the doctor today and he has another ear infection. Back on antibiotics. We hit HEB so I could grab stuff to make wraps. At school last week we had a chef come to our class and she made wraps with the kids, and they were so good. I've been wanting them again every since.

We got back, I made Dave's "lavosh" or however you spell it for lunch. They were in heaven. I put Junior down for a nap and then didn't have any homework to do, so I slept for two hours while the girls played quietly in their room. It was heaven.

We hit Kohl's this afternoon, and my two little fashion divas helped me pick out some clothes for work. We tried to find school uniforms, and I am hoping that I didn't miss the boat and can still find them. I really don't want to travel from store to store with three kiddos trying to track them down. Gunner's list?

The girls are hooked on H2O and it's kind of interesting. I really need a life, next thing you know I will be watching the new 90210.

The house cleaner comes back tomorrow! I wonder if I can make it without cooking till Gunner comes home. Yes, we are that close! I stocked up on oatmeal, made with flax seed, contains fruit, I use milk, add yogurt, and throw in some baby cereal with DHA for good measure. The kids love it and it has to be healthier than hotdogs and mac & cheese!


Uncle Dan said...

Nothing to worry about?

We get C8 this week sometime to go shopping for school clothes, (HS now, big deal), and school supplies, what ever that may be.

She had to take an on-line health class in order to take sports, I guess that went well as she has been in the mountains with a friend and family for the past week.

T said...

Wow! Sounds like somebody's preparing for a homecoming.... Hooray!

ABBEY said...

I got landry's uniform's at the PX off clear creek. they were $9 shorts, $10 pants, but I didn't see the prices for shirts as I had already gotten them. I went just this past week and they had tons.

you still haven't given me your house cleaner's name and number!!! lol...