Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Daily Life

I teach 2nd graders. We are doing a unit on government and the elections. One of the little girls told me that her family was voting for Obama. I cringed, but one of my loud little boys said "You've got to be kidding me!". Guess you know how his parents are voting!

The other day Em was headed outside to leave, Junior was holding the screen door open and Abs was getting ready to go outside when Abs started screaming. I ran over to see what the matter is, finally get her calmed down, and she tells me "a creature just ran in the house". I start to panic.

A creature? I immediately start thinking that I need to stay home from work and imagine all the cleaning I will have to do until I catch the "creature". I start drilling Abs on what the creature is. A rat? A mouse? Stray cat? She tells me it is HUGE. I start to feel sick. I keep trying to figure out what it is while moving furniture and trying to find it. Then she tells me that it was the biggest gecko she had ever seen. My heart starts beating again and I abandon the search.

The girls had a Girl Scout meeting on Sunday. It's a new troop so Em hasn't said much of anything at the meetings, and I am not there to run interference. The leader pulled me aside when I went to pick them up. Never a good sign. Apparently the leader was talking to the girls about different things that they wanted to do. Em sat there quietly. Finally the leader called on Em and Em answered "I want to blow things up". The leader started to wonder what I had given her. The leader asked what kind of things she wanted to blow up. Em sat there quietly. The leader starts to panic. Em answers "mentos and diet coke". Whew. Another crisis averted.

Abs has started in her 5th grade reading class and so far so good. Wonder what they will do with her when she gets to 3rd grade.


Uncle Dan said...

All sounds well as usual in your household. You've done a great job with teaching and parenting, very impressive.

The Mrs. said...

isnt it the talking gecko from the commercials?

Susan said...

cracking up about "blow things up"

Uncle Dan said...

Could Abs. be bored at the level she is being taught, I know your Dad was promoted up one level in elementary school. This may be why she gets into trouble taking. Do they have a "Gifted" Program at her school that she could get into?

Prepaid Voip said...

blow things up baby

Catherine said...

You already know my political tendencies so I wont go into details but whenever ads for the other come on my son says things like "man, is anyone really buying that crap?" I can only imagine what he says in the classroom!

Blow things up - she is going to be dangerous in her high school chemistry class!