Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I picked Em up from school today and she was upset.

Apparently she got in trouble for talking so her teacher made her copy 4 pages of a book as a punishment. So right off the bat I am upset that they used writing as a form of punishment.

Emily did the assignment along with another friend, and it amounted to 7 pages handwritten. They take it up to the teacher....he looks at it.....crumples it up.....uncrumples it.....then rips it to shreds and throws it away.

Are you kidding me????

Phone call to the school tomorrow. I tried to talk to someone when I picked them up, but she was about as bright as a turnip. Ugh....


Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Oh HECK no.

That's awful, immature, and horrible.

I hope whoever you talk to is a little more perceptive. Because, seriously.

Still thinking about changing schools???


Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to cleaning the blackboards and picking up trash on the schoolgrounds as a form of punishment? There is no explanation for what this so-called "teacher" did.

Amy said...

I've been known to make my oldest write sentences when she gets in trouble as both me and my husband were made to do by our parents.

But never to copy from a book and definitely never crumbled and ripped up. That just seems harsh!

kbug said...

I gotta tell ya...I do NOT miss my three boys being in school..... :)

rose_michelle said...

I can't believe that. To make a child feel like all their work is insignificant and useless. Poor Em. I can see making them write a report about what they were doing and how disruptive behavior can hurt others, but to just throw it away in front of their little faces is appalling.