Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I called and talked to the principal at Em's school and she said she would talk to her teacher. Her teacher called me this afternoon and was smug and arrogant. I was not impressed. He said he was human and makes mistakes and that he did apologize to Emily. I had already talked to Emily though and she said she would give up her after school clubs and move to my school. After talking to her teacher, I would have insisted she be moved tomorrow anyway, so I told him I was moving her to my school and he was even ruder. Whatever. Let's hope it works out. I stress about these situations so much. I always have self-doubt. I just worry that she will miss out on something important with her clubs, something that might change who she is or make her excel at something. There aren't any clubs at my school. I try to balance it out with how she will have a much better environment at my school, but the doubt still wins over. I have to give two weeks notice for SAS, so I lose money there, but we have a lady at our school that takes care of teacher's kids for an hour after school each day for $10 a week. Talk about a steal. I'll still have to pay the big bucks for Abs and Junior though.

I'm so tired today. How long till I retire?


Marilyn Sue said...

It is true that a good teacher can make a difference, but a bad teacher can be disastrous. Continuing with that teacher would have blighted the whole year and maybe future years.

Your point about writing as a punishment was well made, but doing lines has long been a standard of detention and I never equated copying with writing.

However, tearing up the work in front of the girls was childish, arrogant and could only serve to send a message that what they did was worthless and the punishment meaningless.

Actually I thought the punishment for talking seemed a bit severe. If he does this now at the beginning of the year, what does he do later? The threat of punishment does as much to keep kids in check as the punishment. Once they see they can do the time, then you have taken away part of the incentive to behave.

It is like a pitcher with a runner on first. If the pitcher looks over, the runner stays close because he does not know the pitcher's move to first. Once the pitcher throws over, then the runner knows his move and is more apt to test him by running.

You did the right thing for Abs. (They used to call it mother wit.)

As to her clubs, I am sure she will find something. There are many options not tied to the school. Besides there is the thought that children nowadays do not have enough time to themselves to discover and grow and play on their own.

Uncle Dan said...

ABW, maybe Em could help you in the class room, or start a READING CLUB for those sub-standard readers. She's no dummy, if you ask, she'll come up with something constructive. After all, what's our name?

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I don't know what grade your daughter is in, but I had a really awful 5th grade teacher. That year, because of him (he ended up getting fired part way through), was so pieced together (the 6th grade teacher had to teach both classes - that was bad) and I lost crucial learning time.
I think you are making the right decision for your daughter and for you. A bad teacher can have an effect for much longer than just that particular year. What a burden it would have been to all year have to keep close tabs on that teacher making sure he wasn't being awful to your girl.

Hope she has a great year!


The Mrs. said...

Good choice! She sounds like she will flourish no matter where she is.

Did the teacher give any reason for destroying their work?

Gypsy at heart said...

I am so happy you listen to your girls. They have learned that what they say is important to you and they will get action.
Good job!

Anonymous said...

By the time we are at the age to retire it will way beyond our years . . . I will probably die before I can retire but each spring I joke about it when it is contract time.

Just hate that our schools are being filled with sub-standard teachers . . . I loved Uncle Dan's idea of Em starting a reading club! How great would that be?

Good Luck . . . plugging away just north of you!

rose_michelle said...

I'm glad you are being proactive to get Em in a better environment. As for extra-curriculars, see if there is a local home-school organization. Sometimes they will let a child who doesn't have access to those activities join. I know we did as children going to a small private school. It was a great opportunity to learn more about people with different lives. Probably one some of the best memories as a child for me.