Monday, December 1, 2008

The benadryl escapades

So I go into daycare this morning to drop off Junior and his brand new bottle of benadryl. They take it and ask if I want them to throw away the old bottle. Blame it on my mom, but I hate to throw away anything--well except for expired food, that I toss willingly as soon as the date reaches the one on the package. Anyway, I take my bottle of benadryl out to the car and I wait for the call.

The nurse calls. I need a new bottle of benadryl with a prescription label. But, she tells me that I have till Dec 30th to get it, so if I have the old bottle then I can return it and be good to go.

So I returned it this afternoon, and will make an appointment over Christmas to get a new prescription for it, as well as the new pile of forms that they gave me. After they fed Junior eggs at daycare, his picture is now plastered all over the tables like a "Wanted" poster to make sure it doesn't happen. They have also taught him that eggs are "yucky".

Tonight we watched the Shrek Christmas special. I just can't get into the whole Shrek thing. I don't particularly like crude humor, so I graded papers while we watched it. Family bonding at its best.

Super busy day tomorrow. If I wasn't teaching, this deployment would last forever, but I would have time for the gym and probably have less gray hair!

Off to get ready for tomorrow. I remember that my uncle used to set out the cereal and the bowls and spoons for the next day. I can't be that organized.


d.a.r. said...

Through your eyes, I am getting a glimpse into the craziness my poor mother must have endured with my insane and widespread food allergies!! Oh and I can only imagine how much more fun Tricare makes it :)

Uncle Dan said...

I also am allergic to eggs unless they are thoroughly mixed into something like cakes, breads or whatever. No fried, salad eggs for me.

PerfectMomentProject said...

Not too late to send presents to OUR TROOPS

Well, it's getting a little late, but there's always New Year's.