Monday, December 15, 2008

Why I hate

I have to teach about Hanukkah tomorrow and do a craft, etc. On the 12th I ordered some Hannukah books and paid $3o to have them sent two day express. I was supposed to have them yesterday, but when I checked the status, it showed that it wasn't even going to ship till Wednesday. I had to teach Wednesday morning, so that wasn't going to work.

I called B&N and told them that I selected for my items to ship as they were available, and that wasn't happening, so I wouldn't be able to use them and I wanted to cancel my order that wasn't going out till Wednesday (this was Monday).

Me: I want to cancel my order
Lisa: You can't, because it is too far along in the shipping process.
Me: Are you kidding me? It's not shipping for two more days.
Lisa: That's how it works.
Me: It's not a very efficient system.
Lisa: You are the one that signed up for all items to be held until they were ready for shipment.
Me: No I didn't, I wanted them shipped as soon as each item became available.
Lisa: Oh yeah, you're right.
Me: So I want to cancel my order.
Lisa: You can't, but you can refuse the shipment.
Me: I can't refuse the shipment because I will be teaching a unit on Hanukkah without books.
Lisa: Well you can ship it back to us and receive credit minus shipping.
Me: So you want me to pay to ship something back to you, after I paid $30 to have it shipped to me.
Lisa: Right.
Me: Well, I won't do it. You can credit my credit card for the shipping and then I will keep the books.
Lisa: I can't do that because you requested two day air and it cost $30.
Me: Well are they coming in two days?
Lisa: No
Me: Can I speak to your supervisor

Joelynn the supervisor: This is part of the management team how can I help you.
Me: I want my books, a refund, or my order cancelled today.
Joelynn: We can't cancel the order it is too far along in the shipping process.

This went on for a while, going around in circles and circles.

Me: How come you can't cancel my order?
Joelynn: Oh, I can do that, but I thought you wanted the books.
Me: Are you kidding me, I don't want anything from B&N.
Joelynn: I can cancel the order, it will ship and come back.
Me: Will I get a total refund including shipping. I can ship a package to my husband in Iraq for less and it will get there faster.
Joelynn: Yes.
Me: Including shipping?
Joelynn: I said yes.
Me: Can you put that in writing?
Joelynn: No, I can't do that.
Me: So how do I know you will do that.
Joelynn: Because I said I would.
Me: You and Lisa also told me over the course of an hour that I couldn't cancel my order.

This went on forever, and so supposedly my order will be cancelled and I will get a refund including my outrageous shipping charges. And this is why I will stick with ordering from I'm sure this will be a battle, but I shouldn't be penalized for their mistake!


Uncle Dan said...

We don't take any crap off of anyone, right? Now I have to take your Aunt over to B&N to order a calendar for someone, talk about co-inkidink.

The Mrs. said...

wow. thats all. just wow.

Dave said...

Anonymous said...

Guard Wife said...

That is CRAZY, but unfortunately, not surprising.

I anticipate having the same kind of conversation with Wells Fargo this week over why they haven't removed the PMI from my mortgage when they are required by federal law to do so...should go over like a lead balloon, I'm sure.

Fingers crossed things are as they should be credit wise!

Miss Ladybug said...

I'm a B&N customer, but mostly because that's the brick-and-mortar bookstore I have easily available to me, and I like to go in and browse the books. Shipping to get your stuff in a reasonable time can be a bit dicey sometimes. Here's to hoping it all works out without too much (more) hassle...

Ann M. said...

Ugh. At least you have the names of the employees you talked to. If they don't do what they say they will, I recommend getting your credit card company involved. File a dispute through them and see how it goes.

But I really do hope they do what they say they will!