Sunday, May 3, 2009

Down, down, down

I am down 32 pounds now!

It helps that if I eat crappy food, I feel crappy, so I try to avoid it.

But I still love homemade peanut butter cookies, warm and soft.

The girls had a great time on the hike today. They even got along for most of the day which is a miracle in itself. We even went out to eat tonight since everyone was in a good mood, and there was still no fighting. Junior and I sat at one table while the girls and Gunner sat at the tall tables.

Junior wouldn't eat his hot dog. Maybe he is finally burned out on them? His current love is yogurt, which he eats several times a day. I hope he left me one for breakfast in the morning.

The girls laugh when I pack my food for the day because I have to eat so much. I usually have a whole wheat eggo with peanut butter, two kiwis or a banana, a yogurt, and a protein shake or cottage cheese or an egg white omelet. I feel like I spend half of my morning eating!

Gunner has one more day of leave left which will be spent waiting for the UPS man and relaxing. I think I need to plan another day off.....the sooner, the better.


d.a.r. said...

Holy cow, congrats!!! That is a serious accomplishment!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Yay! I'm glad the hike went well.
That doesn't sound like too much food...I'm sure you aren't continuously shoving your on the other hand lol

Allison said...

32 Pounds? You rock!

That doesn't sound like that much food to me, either. It sounds like a healthy combo with carbs and protein. Also, if ever there was a food to splurge on, I'm thinking homemake peanut butter cups would be the food.

God, My Savior Forever! said...

Hi! Just started following your blog! I really like the layout:D I'm a proud Army's always neat to connect with other military wives! You said something that really spoke to me and it's so true. Whenever I eat junk food I don't feel good. We try not to eat out, I do most of the cooking so we can have homemade meals but yeah...with a sweet's not always easy. I went on a hike with my hubby and some friends and it was so relaxing! Lots of fresh air;D Have a blessed day!


jlc said...


See you're so much better than me cause at that point i'd just celebrate with ice cream! :)