Monday, May 4, 2009

Potty Training

Junior did good for a while and then he decided that it was too much trouble.

I posted on facebook that I was hoping my diaper changing days were numbered, but that I doubted it. Lots of people gave us advice--hey I am always open to good advice!

Cheerios in the toilet--Junior was all about that. I described what we were going to do, he got excited, and we went to the kitchen and got the cheerios down. We went back to the bathroom, he pulled down his jeans, got his cute little boxer briefs down, and I handed him the cheerio. Junior threw it in the toilet, then next thing I know he is trying to scoop it out. Germaphobic mom takes over and the cheerio is flushed, said baby boy was washed thoroughly.

Then we had a Potty Party. He wanted to invite all the Mr. Potato Heads. I dressed 6 potato heads with his help, and then he sat down on the little potty. Then he didn't like the way the potato people were arranged, so he was up. Then I got him back on the potty and fed him cheerios. Then he decided the potatos needed to have names and talk. He was back up and grabbing potatos to play with. Of course they aren't held together very well, so then we had to reassemble them.

So then we have the potato people assembled and ready to play with, the cheerios available for feasting, and Junior sitting back on the potty.

After this 45 minute fiasco, we got a little bit of pee. I did what any college educated adult would do, I yelled for his sister and we danced around the living room with potato heads, shrieking for joy.

Junior pulled up his clothes, I fed him an m&m, and then we emptied the potty. I got Junior a cup of water and 15 minutes later tried to get him back on the potty.

We got the potty party potato people ready. We got the cheerios ready. We got a book to read. I asked him if he wanted to go potty again. My cute blonde haired blue eyed baby boy looked at me and told me "That's a TERRIBLE idea Mommy".

Can I quit?


Ann M. said...

wow. and I thought changing a bunch of diapers was a lot of trouble :)

kbug said...

OMG, I remember potty training my boys...hohoho hahaha hehehe...what fun. We didn't do any cheerios stuff, though, or Mr. Potato Head parties for that matter. My oldest trained within 2 weeks right after he turned 2...easy breezy...and we never looked badk. My middle boy, however, wasn't so easy. He wasn't quite 2 1/2 when his little brother came along...potty training hadn't been going all that well before that, and it only went downhill from there. So we quit for a while and started again when he turned 3. It went better then, but he was difficult for a looooong time. The youngest was about 2 1/2 when we did the potty training thing and it went okay, but there were a few hitches along the way. My oldest was definitely the easiest...but then, he had my undivided attention when he was potty brothers to get in the way. The one important thing I learned from all that was that each kid is different...they potty train when they are ready and not before. Let's just say I'm glad I don't have to go through that Good luck..... :)