Thursday, May 28, 2009


I can't believe tomorrow is Friday. I have no idea where the time went, but it is flying by...way too fast.

We have a date for the movers, and it is in....two weeks from yesterday. Ummmm....we have a lot to do before then!!! There's children to raise, bags to pack, have to find a place to live till July 8th when I am done with school, and then there's all the other usual PCS stuff. Add in the bike ride and 10K this weekend, three kids, the end of school, a triathlon, a PCS, clearing, and the start of my summer graduate classes......whew. I thrive on being busy I guess.

I had training twice this week. My first one of the week was at the track where we did fartleks. I dreaded it. Thirty minutes of running, with sprints when she blew the whistle. I got started, and it wasn't so bad. By the time I was done with my thirty minutes, I was in love with it! I felt great and got a really good workout. This whole triathlon training has done great things for me! Tonight I had to do bricks with the trainer, and it felt great. I think that is the transition that I worry most about, but I feel better that I can do it and maintain my speed.

My question of the day is...why is my school out of sanitizer and soap for the third day??? I get grossed out thinking about it. I stand outside the bathrooms with a bottle of sanitizer.

I just realized that I never posted this....more about what's happening in a few!


The Mrs. said...

My God I get tired just reading about what you have on your plate! Hope you get it all done and find some soap for school. That's just icky. Really icky.

Casey (@ Ever-Changing Life) said...

Now THAT is busy. Packing up a classroom and a house. That's a lot of stuff. Curious about the hand sanitizer and soap. I might have to become the teacher in a plastic bubble if that happens.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Wow two weeks!!! The time is going to FLY by!

ABW said...

One time we were out of toilet paper! I went through three bottles of sanitizer last week between the kids and my desire to be germ free. Sounds crazy, I just hope that they get it together for our last week!