Monday, May 25, 2009

We did it....

After dropping off a carload of stuff at my mom's (don't worry mom there is more coming!), we headed over to REI to look at socks. It seems like every pair gives me a blister unless they are tight in the middle. Of course I can't remember where I bought those socks, and I need them every day, so I wanted a few more pairs. Socks are expensive!

While perusing the aisles, Junior exploded, so we had to go get him a new pair of shorts since of course we had nothing to change him into. Poor little guy. He loves his new shorts, and I just gritted my teeth when I looked at the price tag. I might need to make him wear them every day till he outgrows them and then make sure Tucker wears them every day too!

We had lunch at this hamburger joint--something fine and mighty or along those lines. It was good, and reminded us of the airplane place at California Adventure.

I worked. We came home and I decided we needed to tackle the garage. It was out of control. Gunner's parents took a truckload to store for us, and we have a truckload headed to Goodwill as well. It was crazy the stuff we had in there. I thought I had gotten rid of all the baby stuff, but it was all there. I saved a stroller for my mom and the peek-a-boo blocks for my baby nephew, and the rest is gone. I feel like a HUGE load has been lifted off my shoulders.

Gunner was appreciative too, since he had been putting off facing that mess alone. Of course once we started, it dragged out every kid in the neighborhood looking for handouts. I assured them that their parents would not want them dragging stuff home, so they just sat there and played with all the toys that were in the keep pile. They conveniently disappeared when it was time to clean up, and the kids weren't too happy.

A quick pickup job, a dinner of gizzards, baths, and they are hopefully fast asleep.

Tomorrow Gunner is going to camp out, outside of the transportation office, so that the civilian that works six hours a day can hopefully get us an appointment. I need hours like that! He's the only one too, and apparently works pretty slow, so the line starts forming early.

In other news, I am not buying anything new, anytime soon. The amount of stuff that we have given away, amazes me. I love a good deal, but I think I often buy it just because it is a good deal and not something I really need, want, or love. I wonder where I get that from?


The Mrs. said...

dont you wish you could get hours like a civilian on base? I swear the ones here work like four hours a day.

Good job on all the cleaning out... wanna come here?

Allison said...

6 hours a day? Must be be nice. (Says the person who doesn't work...) Good job on cleaning out the garage.. that is never a fun task.

d.a.r. said...

Oooh try Wright Socks. They are a Godsend!

liberal army wife said...

when we PCSed here, I went through the crap in the basement.. and wondered why the hell I kept all that crap... really.. and I'm trying really hard not to accumulate, because I don't want to pack it all again.

Oh you have THAT civilian... we have some of those too. I want that job.


kbug said...

Ahhh, moving. I either missed the post about where you're going or just disremember..... :) What fun purging stuff, though. I ran through so many memories when I was cleaning out the boys room to set up my home office last year.

Seth is home, flew in last might have seen the planes, someone else at Hood commented that they saw them fly in. They came to Dallas for the weekend and we had a great time. He and Katie will have to do the purge thing when he gets out this fall...his Top wouldn't approve his reclass request, even though everyone else did, so there will be no re-enlistments this time around. He's ready to settle down with his wife and new son and live a more normal life...and they'll be coming this way, so I'm happy.

ABW said...

Wright socks, I'll check them out!

Maybe at the next post I think I will check into a 6 hour a day job and lots of 4 day weekends.

Kbug, sounds like things are working out for Katie and Seth, and having Sawyer close, what grandmother can complain about that!