Saturday, July 18, 2009

It's a Brand New Day

I am now prescribing to my son Junior's philosophy of life. Every morning he wakes up, looks around, and shouts out "It's a brand new day!".

I searched for daycare last night. Some people recommended a nanny, but I am living in a hotel right now.

I signed up for a service my sister uses to find a sitter, but $10-$15 an hour doesn't justify me working. I have a call into a center that the on post daycare recommended. Junior is 3 though, and many daycares are maxed out in that age group, plus he isn't potty trained which elminates most preschools, Potty training is not going too well here in Casa La Quinta.

I can only try though. I left a message for the principal so hopefully he will call back and we can discuss a few options my friend Dave and I came up with last night. If it doesn't work out, then I will move on with plan B.

We are stuffed to the gills here, and are finally finding the time today to move our bikes, the trainer, my tri-gear, my school books, and all the spices that we hand carried, over to the house. Maybe the housekeeper won't faint when she comes in.

I thought we were going to be forced to do laundry today, but I found a bag of clean clothes that I grabbed from my mom's dryer the morning we left. I cringe when I think about spending a $1.25 to wash a load of clothes, and you know that they have the smallest washers possible so that what I can cram into one load at home takes 4-5 loads in a hotel!

We've tried three new restaurants in the past two days, and while they were great, I can't wait to eat at home again!

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