Friday, July 17, 2009

Please explain the logic to me....

Today we went to stop by to fill out the registration paperwork for the girls, and they let us do Junior while we were there. They called us last Tuesday and said that they had an opening for him. Great!

So as we are filling out the paperwork, they see that he is allergic to eggs. They asked for his paperwork, which we had a copy of the old one, and they said that wasn't good enough. We needed to get a new form filled out, saying what they can substitute for eggs (ie beans, cheese, etc.). Okay, great, so can he still start on Tuesday?


Why not you ask? Because after they get that paper back they have to send it to the Community Health Nurse, who has THIRTY DAYS to sign it and get it back. Will they save his spot? No, we get put at the bottom of the waiting list.

I was livid. But it's not his fault or mine that he is allergic to eggs. Shoot, we did all this stuff for the last daycare and they still fed him eggs. I called the daycare that he used to go to (since I love them so much) and asked them to fax over the newest dietary requirements for Junior.

Of course since he has been out over a week they have pulled the paper and hopefully filed it.

It was 3 pm on a Friday and she said she wouldn't get to it till Monday, and then she would fax it over. They changed the sheet in November, right before Thanksgiving, so I know that they have a valid one, it's just a matter of whether or not they kept it.

So now I can't get a job at all, because my son is being denied care because he has an allergy.

I really think I could have gone postal. They told me I could go off post and probably find something immediately. That's looking better and better, but I remember last time I investigated daycares at Hood that were located off post, and there were incidents at every single one.

I don't know what to do now. I guess I will just hang out and waste everything that I worked for since there is no way to get Junior in to the doctor till next week sometime (it might be two weeks since it doesn't qualify for a same day appointment) and then the nurse has 30 days to sign off on the form, which puts us after the start of school.

And I guess the icing on the cake is that we went through the whole process, TWICE, of having all of our information and forms sent to Carson by Hood, and now they don't have anything. I didn't even put down that Abs had ADHD because I am sure that would postpone things for months and months.

So even if I get offered a job, from my second interview, I won't be able to take it. Then they jumped all over me about Em and Junior being in a playroom unsupervised. I said I didn't see a problem with it since she was allowed to babysit siblings at home for up to two hours.

......As I am writing this, I got a phone call from the place where I interviewed. I let it go to voicemail and just listened to it. I got the job. Now what.....


Uncle Dan said...

A Teaching Job, Great. Your Aunt just said that when she taught and Karen was young, she found a nice woman that took into her home 3 or 4 kids per day. You might try that. Aren't there any other Mom's in the area that could advise you?

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Unsolicited opinion: Take the job, put him in off post day care till you can get him in post daycare which may only take a month... That way you'll have a job and you know his daycare won't last forever at off post.

dutchgirl said...

What on earth?! That makes no sense at all. I wish I had a brilliant idea for you. I haven't looked into anything that starts right away, just things in August :(

Allison said...

Gotta love excessive paperwork... I think putting him temporaraly into an off post day care or getting a baby sitter there might be worth it while they're processing his paperwork.

And Em is one of the most responsible kids I've ever met. If someone critizes you for watching Jr. again, I'm thinking you should moon them.

The Mrs. said...

Your right that makes no sense at all and I would have flipped out. Both boys are registered at the CDC (just for hourly care should I ever need it when flyboy is away) and I gave them all my allergy for -1 and was never asked about subbing food. I always just bring food for him even though they say I cant, they always feed it to him regardless.

CDC rants come easily to me.... I hope you find some daycare solution to help you out. Could you try the local community college to see if there are any part time students in the child development programs who need some work?

silver star said...

Congrats on the job offer, and sorry everything else is screwed up.

Spanish Princess said...

Oh, Sweetie! It seems like they are always raining on your parade! You know if you had just come to Fort Gordon I'd watch him ... or better yet, let him chase Sgt. Major around the house until they both passed out, covered them with a blanket and enjoyed a nice glass of iced tea or something! (Aren't I going to be a great mother!?!) Hopefully it all works out!