Monday, August 10, 2009

Sunday Bike Ride

We headed out Sunday morning to take a family bike ride. Em didn't have a helmet, so Gunner gave her his, and we headed out to ride to the px in order to buy her one.

There is a small hill before we get to a HUGE hill, but I was sure that we could take it. Of course I wasn't the one pulling a hundred pounds of children behind my bike.

We got halfway up the first hill, when Gunner and Em decided it would be faster to park the bikes and they would go up this set of stairs.
We waited for a while, and then Abs and Junior decided we wanted to climb the 500 stairs. By the time I got the bikes situated, they were off and running up the stairs. We were about 50 steps from the top when Gunner and Em reappeared and told us that we could turn around. Not a chance! We finished, and the view was great!

We hiked back down, and then finally took off on the bike ride. Em started in with the complaining because she was tired and ready to be done.

Em sporting her new helmet.
We took off, and headed to the Santa Fe trail. It was beautiful! A great place to run or walk or ride. It's only about a mile from the house and we could drive there and park, which we might have to do next time.

We ran into a family that had one of those hitchhikers for the back of the bike. I flipped out, as I have been researching them and reading reviews. They got theirs for $80 at Target, and said they loved it. I was worried about the sizing since Abs is 8 now, but she still doesn't have the balance that she should to ride a bike--mental note to get her reevaluated for PT again. I sized her on their bike, and we headed off again.

Junior fell asleep.

We started heading back and by this time Em had had enough.
She quit and wanted me to ride back and get the car and pick her up. She eventually made it back.

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