Thursday, October 8, 2009

For this I am thankful...

Junior has been dry the entire week.

Gunner has a 4 day weekend.

Em is home and my little girl is 12!  Happy Birthday Em!

We go tomorrow to get our new puppy!

I somehow got volunteered to make 10 pounds of pulled pork for Ab's school.  Good thing it is easy to make!

Our washer is not washing.  Gunner is ripping it apart right now.  Something about a guy in ACU's working on stuff....I like.

My working out is still going strong, but no races yet since we got here.  I'm ready to bite the bullet though and have a few that I am looking at participating in.  I'll have to wait till it warms up before I do another tri.  I don't handle cold well!

I've been busy volunteering, visiting PEO chapters (I feel like I am back in college during rush!), working on Christmas presents, and madly writing paper after paper.  I've decided the key to group projects, is do a rough outline, let them fill in their ideas, and then I write the paper, they help edit, and we are done.  No waiting till the last minute....too stressful for me!

No idea why the Done post went through, it was going to be something else before I got distracted.  I have thought about quitting, but with another deployment on the horizon, you can suffer through that with me.  4th one's a charm right?


Crazy Shenanigans said...

Hopefully not Done blogging!!!

cj said...


Allison said...

Wait.. WHAT? Done what?

Middle of the Midwest said...

I like your blog...DH just went active from NG and so I have been enjoying reading military blogs. But what I found interesting is that you posted about being a PEO? :) Me too, and both of my sisters. I have on sister stationed at Ft. Carson also. I am not sure if she is in a chapter there or not...I will have to see. I just thought that was really cool.

Anonymous said...

I heart four day weekends too! Makes the time when my hubby is home seem extra special! Sorry to hear you have another deployment coming up. I will be praying for your family. I pray you can make the most of the time you have before he deploys. Love your blog and pictures! I always enjoy reading about other military families!

Blessings, Ginger

Erin said...

Wait! You're getting a puppy? Whoa!

Uncle Dan said...

I had a final project in college, (1964), with 4 other guys. We had a report to write and one of the guys was to do the graphics. Well the task was divided up and I ended up doing all of the writing and your Aunt typed it. When the project was presented the others didn't know what was in the report so I ended up making the presentation, we all got the same grade, A.