Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

An old picture from 2007, but he's still a little turkey.  I could include pictures of the pumpkin pie after he stuck his hand into it and helped himself, but instead I will try to remember him like this.  Contained.  :)

My friend Dave came down from Denver, and with my mom here, we had a spread.  Gunner cooked everything--don't ask me how I have managed to go almost 15 years without ever making a Thanksgiving dinner, but I am not complaining!

There was turkey, pea/corn salad, cranberry relish, squash casserole, and cans of Ocean Spray cranberries brought from Texas because Abs thinks that they only have good cranberries in Texas.  We also had giblet gravy, cornbread dressing, german potato salad, sweet potato pudding, pumpkin pie and pecan pie.

I'm full.

Abs at enough to keep a bird alive--mainly "Texas" cranberries.  My mom felt bad for her, and made Abs a grilled cheese sandwich, because apparently only Grandma makes good grilled cheese sandwiches.

Happy Thanksgiving from our house to yours!


Allison said...

Adorable photo.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Uncle Dan said...

We had turkey, (I cooked it), mashed potatoes, (I did these also) both kinds of cranberries sauce, turkey gravy, relish tray and both pumpkin and apple pie. Drinks were of individual choice and an extra was ice cream on the pie if requested. What ever was not consumed was divided and sent off with the Smith's or into our frig. Now that all is cleaned, it's time to relax.

Uncle Dan said...

I forgot that ME had made the dressing and a relish tray. All was good.

dutchgirl said...

You know, cranberries and grilled cheese kind of sounds good (not that I can eat one more thing). Glad you had a good day, Happy Thanksgiving!

Julie said...

What a cutie! Happy Thanksgiving :)