Friday, November 27, 2009

We have a problem...

I need to find some fake Uggs, for Em for Christmas.  She even requested the fake ones, telling me that no one should be crazy enough to pay full price for those shoes.  I'm on the search.

I asked tonight at walmart about zhu zhu's, and they laughed when I said that I was looking for them.  How's that for customer service?

My mom and I spent the day shopping.  First we went to a fabric store that she visited with my dad many years ago.  She was ready to move to Colorado so she could visit more regularly.  I was overwhelmed by the choices, and so many ideas started racing through my ideas....until reality set in and I realized that I wasn't going to be sewing anything until I managed to unpack my sewing machine in the basement, and I stopped going to school and being a slave to papers and projects. 


 We just had Abs with us on this fabric adventure.  

They had fabrics divided by types, most of which I had never seen, and trust me, my mom has taken me to a lot of fabric stores. 

My mom.  Yep, only 7 bolts of fabrics to get cuts from......we got lucky today.

We hit two thrift stores, and I stocked up on some items that I "needed".  My mom brought a carload of stuff to me that I had left behind.  She was looking forward to going home with an empty car....I don't see that happening.

We hit the Current Outlet, learned where to print the coupons, and feasted on Thanksgiving leftovers for lunch and dinner. 

While my mom was making enchiladas tonight, we left Em in charge as our babysitter, even though my mom was there.  My mom suggested that even though she had passed her babysitting class, that we don't leave the kids for very long. 

My big pet peeve--eating in the living room.  Em decided that she needed to be with Abs and Junior since she was "babysitting", so she needed to be eating in the living room.  Never mind that she left them alone for 15 minutes while she made something to eat.  Then I kept getting phone calls about whether or not she had earned her cell phone back.  Needless to say, we returned to Em listening to her Ipod and Abs and Junior going on a safari.  Thank goodness my mom was there!

Junior is hacking up a lung and sounds horrible.  No telling what tomorrow holds!


hmb said...

I got my fake Uggs from Payless....and I think right now they have bogo going on!!

Julie said...

What a fun day shopping! Reminds me of shopping trips with my mom.

Lemon Stand said...

OMG! I recognize that store! (Probably because I was stationed there for 5 1/2 years! um, not in the store, but close by.) Sigh. I miss the green chili sauce I could buy there. My kids miss the zoo, the baseball games, the balloon races.

You and your kids are going to have a FABULOUS time there!

Sorry, I digress... I found the boots at Payless too!

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sharona said...

I bought some fake uggs at last year. They were about $40. I think they were a little better quality than the payless or walmart knockoffs. The brand is Emu Ridge. I don't know if they have that specific brand but they do have some (and also the uber-pricey uggs)

karen gerstenberger said...

I got fake UGGS for Katie (years ago) at . I don't know if they still carry them. I hope you find some that are just right.