Monday, November 16, 2009

My name is ABW

and I spend all day cleaning.

I put Sammy outside so I could sweep the floor without him trying to eat all the crumbs I swept up.  I ended up with this.

So I took him into the bathroom thinking since Gunner just bathed him on Friday that everything would be under the sink.  It wasn't.  Of course I didn't discover this until I had him in the tub and wet, with mud everywhere.  I tried rinsing him with a small red cup.  It didn't work too well, so I left him in the tub with orders to stay, closed the door, and then ran to the kitchen to find something bigger.

I returned to find him out of the tub, mud everywhere because he had to shake all the muddy water off, all over the bathroom.

I loaded him back in the tub, bathed him, and then spent the next half hour drying the pup so he wouldn't get sick. 

He's not allowed in the backyard again until it is dry.

I then ran to get Junior from school, and found out that he had two accidents.  He was out of clothes so they put him in shorts.  I loaded him up feeling like a horrible parent, and ran to the car to take him home and change him.

Then we had swim lessons, and I was able to squeak in some time on the stairmaster and the weights.  We got home and started homework.  Em got moved up in math, so I spent an hour tonight trying to catch her up.  They should have listened to me 13 weeks ago when I told them she was in the wrong class, but then what do I know?

We got The Listening Program today, and I set it up so Abs could do her listening assignment.  It's basically classical music that is set to work different parts of the brain, and it has had amazing results.  For the price tag, it should!  She came out relaxed and in love with the program.  She already loves classicall music, and then was just music to her ears...literally.  Hopefully we will see positive results.

I cleaned the majority of the mud off the bathroom, worked, and am now ready to retire for the night.  I'm exhausted.  Tomorrow I signed up for a spinning class.  I loved the classes in Texas, and will hopefully fall right back into it, although it has been a while.  Maybe I will even try yoga too.  We have a turkey trot this weekend if Gunner can find 5 minutes to run over to MWR.  Em wants to give it a try, so we are taking the whole family.  Should be interesting at least!  Em's also mentioned that now that she is getting better at swimming, she also wants to try a triathlon!  How can I say no to that? 

Sweet dreams...of anything other than mud, dirt, and cleaning.


Wife of a Sailor said...

Oh man! I've had the dirty doggie days (and I have a 120 lb white long-haired dog). It totally sucks. I feel for you.

Yay for Em and the triathlon. That's a fantastic goal!

cj said...

Oh, my. I know you don't want to hear this but he looks so adorable!

Bit of advice (not that you need it) from a fellow dog owner who fights the mud season blues? Keep an old beach towel or something by the door for a quick wipe down when the cutie wants in. I've got Riley trained so that when I say we need to wipe her feet, she sits down and offers me a paw.

It's great that Abs loves classical music and I hope it helps!


Anonymous said...

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Crazy Shenanigans said...

You are by far one of the most active and busiest persons ever.

dutchgirl said...

Ugh, I hate washing my dogs in the house for all those reasons... once they shake it's all.over. He is SO cute, though!

Anonymous said...

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Lemon Stand said...

He is pretty cute. Unfortunately, we have 4 cats... who got into something that is better not mentioned here. We had to scrub all four. Cats+water=lots of bandaids

karen gerstenberger said...

It seems as if every time I clean house (usually on Monday), something gets spilled, dropped or otherwise makes a mess...before the day is even over. I think the French call it "La Loi de Murphy." =)

I am sorry about your grandmother's passing. And very sorry that you had so much trouble getting from the airport to your house! But glad you made it safely.

Isn't it a small world? You lived at Ft. Lewis, and have been to Poulsbo! Amazing.