Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Turkeys Trotted

I didn't realize that Abs had her tongue out because I was focused on Em scowling.  They weren't amused that we were out of bed that early in the morning.

Gunner pushed Junior and listened to Abs complain the entire 3.1 miles walked/ran with Abs.  I ran with Em, for the first 100 feet, then when she wanted to quit, I convinced her to run/walk, although she wanted no part of running.  Of course being the competitive person that I am, I wanted to run the entire thing and beat my PR, but Em and I had a good time, and I spent more energy motivating her than if I ran the whole way.  She did great though!!

Junior would not sit still after being cooped up in the stroller the entire race. 

We finished and then they had a drawing for turkeys. Junior won one, and wanted no part in anyone touching it.

I guess we'll have turkey for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

We had intentions of hitting the Pioneer Museum for their Christmas celebration, but we got sidetracked on the way home, and never made it there.  Hopefully they will have another one that we can attend.

Em is off to a birthday party and to see the movie New Moon.  Abs and Junior are holed up in the basement playing legos.  I've got a house to clean and homework to do before my mom gets here on Tuesday.  Gunner was passed out on the couch. 

A few random thoughts:

I ordered a new roomba after mine went crazy and would only go backwards.  I can't wait till it is here.

Junior is still struggling with potty training.  It may just never happen.  Just trying to keep it real.....As I was writing this he popped up from upstairs to tell me that he exploded.  I quit.  I sent him to the bathroom to change himself.  I went back there to find him flipping the lights off and on instead.  I asked him why he wasn't changing and he said he couldn't.  I folded a towel for him to sit on until he was able to change his clothes and clean himself up.  Trust me, this doesn't phase him at all.  Bribing didn't work either, I'm at a loss.

Abs started OT & the Listening Program.  Visual Therapy starts on Monday.  PT begins next week. 
I signed up for a few other things in the upcoming weeks, that I can't wait to try out.  More on those later.

I just went back to check on Junior again.  He was sitting there nicely.
Me:  What are you up to?
Junior:  Just sitting in my explosion.
Me:  Why don't you clean yourself up.
Junior:  I think I'll stand.
Me:  If you aren't going to change, then you need to sit down, no standing. 
Junior:  It's not much fun to sit in my explosion.
Me:  Maybe you shouldn't do it.
Junior:  Maybe. 
Me:  Let me know when you are clean.
Junior:  It will be a while. 

I hear Gunner pulling up in the driveway.  Perfect timing....


hmb said...

Gosh---lucky with the turkeys!!! Sorry I missed you!

Sara said...

Little one seems to be in an onry mood! Good job keepign your patience with him.

Allison said...

It's a good thing he's so darn cute, right?

That's cool about the run and winning the turkeys. I love that family photo. I think you should send that out with your holiday cards.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I read your status yesterday about him never learning. I'm sure at one point he will...if at all ever...when he starts going out on dates for sure! lol

cj said...

So, the turkeys are cool! Enjoy them!

But, I've got to say that your kids scare me.

I read the things they say and I'm convinced they will one day rule the world.


Julie said...

What a fun day! Would love to do something like that with the family someday :)

My older son took forever to PT. I really didn't know if he would ever get it but then one day he did. Boys just are so much harder than girls I have heard.

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