Tuesday, December 15, 2009

500 pictures

What does Abs do at 3 am?  She takes pictures.  Hundreds of them.  No kidding.  Over 500 pictures of the lights. 

Then Junior was up, so he became her focus for a bit, and we have about 100 pictures.  Looks like she was trying every setting.

I kind of like this one.

I guess she won him over in the end, because he was participating a little bit more and we have about 50 of these, but only a handful where you can see Junior's face, usually it's just a mouth.

At least it looks like she got better in time.

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Allison said...

She's artsy! I like it.

LIL MAMA said...

lol, i have woken up many times to my camera being abused by little people, lol lol

its cute when u have some great ones u can actually keep, lol

Gypsy at heart said...

A new medium for a budding artist!

cj said...

I like the one of the light and the last one of Junior. What a sweet little face! And that one you like is really kinda cool...


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