Saturday, December 19, 2009


The kids are out of school.

Gunner is on leave.

We have plenty to do to keep us busy. I voted for the fiber optic tree, and Gunner wants the whole nine yards. Considering he missed last Christmas, I should be going all out this year. But now we have waited so long, the thought of packing it all up again in less than a week.....and we know who will get stuck packing it up! Maybe we can do the fiber optic tree next year when he is gone again.

Someone who stumbled on my blog saw the pictures of Gunner and thought he looked exactly like his buddy that he served in Desert Storm with way back when. He was talking about my BIL. Small world!

We have a few last minute gifts to get, and then we are done. I am all done buying for my niece and nephew whose names I drew this year. I keep adding to their piles. My brother mentioned that his son likes hand-me-downs (he's 1--my nephew, not my brother). I can help them out there, because Andrew is going to mysteriously outgrow all his noisy toys before we see them!

Our list of things to take on vacation is growing faster than I want it too.

Gunner got a flip phone for our anniversary. I'm such a good wife. :)

Abs got behind the chair where our wireless modem is and "might have accidentally pushed it out of the way, really carefully, with her big toe, which is always gentle." It's broken now.

Abs has tied up the fan in her room with yarn, and it stretches from her bed to the fan to the door. I don't even want to know what she was trying to create. The other day Sammy came out of her room with all her socks tucked into his collar so that he looked like a lion. She was shocked that I made her "un-decorate" him.

Em finally got her door back, and we haven't had any slamming yet. Let's hope it continues.

At school, Junior made a snowman out of a sock. It's really cute, but he wanted to put buttons on the back. I let him, and the teacher noticed and told him that he did a great job with the buttons on the back. He told her "My snowman has buttons on his back like I do after my accidents". They make him dress himself, and he always puts his clothes on backwards, so he thinks the buttons should go in the back.

Never a dull moment!

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dswitzer1 said...

No room for noisy toys in our bags.