Saturday, December 12, 2009

Second Thoughts

I think I am done with school for a while. 

I'm burnt out, and just can't find the motivation to finish this last week and a half.  I still have the website to finish, and then I have another project that I am not even sure about what I need to do.  The directions are unclear and all my questions have gone unanswered.  How's that for customer service?  Frustrating. 

Sure another degree or certification is nice to add, but what good does it really do when you don't even use what you have?  Maybe I'll change my mind after Christmas break?  I doubt it, but the possibility is always there.

So now I have to decide what to do next.  I'm definitely not Holly Homemaker.  I'm not a good cook, I hate to clean (hence the need for a high paying job so I can hire someone), and I'm a packrat.  My children aren't crowded around the homefires singing kum-by-yah and holding hands, and there is often more screaming than not.

I'm still in this funk and don't know what the deal is.  Maybe it's my lack of working out and the fact that I tried on my favorite pants from Banana and they were snug?  Maybe it's the freezing temperatures and being cooped up in the house all day?  Maybe it is the stress of school, Ab's appointments, and trying to keep everything flowing smoothly?  Maybe it's too much time on my hands, that somehow turns into not enough because I am severely lacking motivation?

On the bright side, Abs is really doing well.  Emily lives in the bathroom these days, the joys of a pre-teen.  Junior is starting to go potty on his own more, but forget pooping, he only goes at school, and only when he feels like it.  Maybe Santa will bring me a potty trained boy for Christmas?


Allison said...

It sounds like you have too much cognitive stuff going on and not enough 5ks to me. I know how much you enjoy the athletic but I haven't heard much about it lately. I'm sure it's hard when it's so cold and icy.

Things will get better.

And I hope you get everything you want from Santa.

The Mrs. said...

I never thought to ask for a potty trained boy! excellent idea!

Sorry your in a funk, the cold weather winters that last nine months dont help. If it makes you feel better there is no kumbaya at my house, rather just screaming and flying shoes. Oh and dash-2 stopped stuttering only to start when flyboy left again so now I'm positive we've broken him.

motherhood is not for the weak of heart is it?

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...


I promise you will LOVE it. Promise, promise. Cross my heart. Hope to die.

You will never want to do anything else ever again.


p.s. I know, I was totally obnoxious. Sorry!

dutchgirl said...

The weather has gotten to me, too, although the sunshine these past few days has saved me somewhat. I hope you can recharge your batteries over Christmas break.

silver star said...

About 5 years ago, I got a degree for a field that's apparently being taken over by computers, so I've never been able to actually use mine, either. It's frustrating, but there's no guarantee that going back to school will help. Most places want real experience, and how are you supposed to get that if no one will hire you? Maybe our calling is to sit at home, watch soap operas and attempt to bake pies (I'm not a good cook, either)?

loquita said...

I gotta say, for me, when I stop exercising, I lose my ability to handle everything else. So I vote for some exercise sessions while you think it over.

And I'll just add one more "Crossfit!" to Andrea's chorus. :-p