Sunday, December 6, 2009

Trying to pull a fast one...

It is snowing.....again.  The joys of living in the mountains.  Actually I find it absolutely beautiful, and the more, the better.  I am about to start the last two weeks of school, and have enough work to keep an army busy. 

We of course weren't organized enough to do it yesterday, so we had to clean out the carport.  We had boxes out there from round 200 of unpacking, and had gotten a notice that we would be fined if we didn't clean it up.

We borrowed a snow shovel, and then fought over who got to use it.  I'm sure that the newness is over for Gunner, and he won't be begging to do it again any time soon.

We have several inches of snow already, and we need to go to Sam's to get a few vital things--papertowels (because this house cannot exist without them), trash bags (we accumulate more trash than anyone else I know), string cheese (so Junior can continue to exist), dishwasher detergent (we use too many dishes, mainly glasses), and a rotisserie chicken (because a trip to Sam's is not complete without one).  I also have to mail two fed ex boxes.

Gunner & I had a conversation that went like this:

G:  I should go to Sam's by myself because of the weather.
Me:  Are you sure?
G:  Yes. 
Me:  But you just came back from the recycling center and told me that the roads were all clear.
G:  Didn't I tell you about the car that crashed?
Me:  No.  I need to mail the fed ex boxes, and I have to do that.
G:  Oh.  I guess we should all go.
Me:  Oh no, I would hate for you to go out in such horrible weather conditions.
G:  No, they aren't so bad, we'd hate for you to have to go all alone.

We went sledding instead.


Uncle Dan said...

Family life, I hope that is the most complicated problem you have to decide on.

We are expecting our first real rain tonight and rain throughout the week, that is if those weather experts are correct.

Erin said...

Why yes, it appears we are freezing in the same place! So colddddddd! I had missed that you guys moved here. Are you liking it?

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I love that convo lol!