Friday, August 28, 2009


I ran.

I studied.

I played with the kids.

We cleaned the house.

Got Junior's prescription.

Em is having a sleepover and apparently used her cell phone to call my sister to figure out who belonged to that number. Thankfully my sister has a great sense of humor!

We hit Whole Foods and picked up a supply of probiotics for Junior. Pizza for dinner. Scones and Devonshire cream for breakfast.

Em's going to a parade tomorrow with her friend. Abs didn't want to go (not big on crowds or noise, even though she is the loudest person I know!). It was fine with me since potty training Junior in a slew of dirty port-a-potties sounded less than appealing.

Gunner has to work the parade, but I'm hoping he gets off early so we can do something fun, or I can finish my work for the week. I have a timeline I need to submit on the development of the idea of intelligence. Fun stuff. I'm thankful I kept my Educational Psych book since I need the additional resources.

My bed is calling my name once I get two big girls to go to sleep so they aren't grumps tomorrow!


The Mrs. said...

as always.... busy busy busy! Remember... even God took a day off!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I agree, you're always going and going!

Uncle Dan said...

I read about the Red, White & Blue Parade in The Springs in Babcock's latest.

cj said...

Whole Foods? I'm thrilled to see the assinine boycott didn't keep you away. If there was one around here, I'd make the effort to go.

In case you didn't know, some people called for a boycott after the CEO of Whole Foods made a comment against the Obama health care bill.

And before I turn this into a rant, I'll say once more - you and your family tire me out just reading about your adventures!


Spanish Princess said...

That was a busy day! I'm tired just reading about it. I hope the rest of the weekend has slowed a little! Have a great week, Sweetie!