Monday, January 25, 2010

Another 4 weeks

After Ab's IM training, they want to do some more training for another 4 weeks for 90 minutes, three times a week.  If it helps, I am all for it.  Will it stress me out to do it while Gunner is gone?  You betcha.

I think Em's bus driver was fired.  She wasn't on her afternoon run, and I know of two other people that called.  Em returned home with 25 signatures of people that said that they have seen her bus driver texting and driving.  They don't make laws for the heck of it people, don't text and drive!

I had Ab's 504 meeting today, and the counselor told me that she wanted to have weekly contact with me, but not if I was going to be contacting the school district.  Ummmm....if you did your job, I wouldn't have to.  My friend and I were talking about the other day--if people just did their jobs, then we wouldn't have half of the problems that we do.  Do what you say you will do!

Volunteering tomorrow.  Hopefully I can go check on a trial I have been watching.

Abs didn't have a wii party, but she did break into the Halloween candy and then go into her brother's room to play with his toys and turn his light on, and when he woke up, he was so excited to see her and get up.  She brought out the candy and I found them engrossed in building train tracks all over the room and setting up little people while sucking on lollipops.  (They weren't even gluten free)  All Halloween candy is in the trash now.

While I was at the meeting this afternoon, Gunner had to take off early so he could run Em to Girl Scouts, go pick up Junior, run to my neighbor's and pickup Abs, then drop Abs off at OT, then back to get Em, then home to make dinner while I went to sit at OT and wait on Abs.  I did get to see the IM in action, and it's pretty interesting.  They said that the majority of the effects are usually seen 3-6 months after completion. 

I did stop by Ab's desk after my meeting and found all the homework that she hasn't done since school resumed.  I found the notes the teacher had written me. She spent tonight cranking out all her homework.  Her teacher told me that she wasn't bringing her homework folder back to school or her agenda book.  It's in her backpack every day, but always empty.  We are working on some changes, which will hopefully help.

I think I might go visit a friend this weekend since Em will be gone and Gunner can have a slumber party/wii tournament with the kids.  Well if you can call it a visit when you have Bikram Yoga, P90x, and the gym thrown in for good measure.  I forsee pho in our future too, and with all that working out we should have a glass or two of wine shouldn't we?

A post about deployments coming up.


Julie the Army Wife said...

You would think a bus driver would know better than to text and drive. Man how frustrating.

I agree, we have the most issues when people just don't do what they are suppose to do.

A Wii party sounds like fun!!!

The Mrs. said...

im with you, just do your job. I also don't like it when I feel as if I've been threatened by people were weren't doing their job {the mom of the epi pen theft got kinda nasty with us about how she would appreciate us not talking about it. ummm you brought me into it!}

arent weekend visits supposed to be relaxing getaways?

Sarah said...

So...the counselor will work with you, but only if you don't 'tell on her' for not doing her job? Wow. Someone needs to grow up a bit, I believe.

Wife of a Sailor said...

I saw this headline today and thought of you!

U.S. bans truckers, bus drivers from texting while driving

It's a national law now! Yay!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Good! No one should be texting and driving...and hello it's a school bus! It's not your personal car!

When is Gunner heading out? I hope the appointments are helping!

Jrzy Army Wife said...

Good for you reporting the bus driver.. that's a hazard and a half!

Jessa said...

The bus driver was texting while driving? That's ridiculous! I hope she/he did get fired.

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