Saturday, February 13, 2010

Brain Map & Haircut

I'm so out of creative titles.  

Today we had a map of Ab's brain made. There is definitely something there and functioning.  He had no information on her diagnosis, other than what I wrote on the paper, and the neurologist knew right away that she had a visual perception and discrimination problem (which was not on the paper).  She has her first LENS treatment on Tuesday.  I can't wait to see how she benefits.  It also helps with PTSD, TBI, Autism, and several other things.  They want to use it with the military.....maybe they can get rid of Gunner's migraines.

The doctor that applied the "thingies" to Ab's head, would place them at certain points.  After the assistant called out a few of them, Abs had to stop the doctor and make sure he understood all the numbers and letters for each location.  She explained the lettering and numbering system to him, and then asked him to explain why they used z for the center instead of c, etc.  The doctor was great and answered all 500 million of her questions. 

We got a cage for the dog.  Junior wants one of his own.

I took Abs to get her haircut today.  My regular girl was busy, so we got Sue.  I don't think Sue knew what she was getting into.  Abs had the entire place almost in tears from laughing so hard.  We walked in and she announced to the entire salon "I'm the hair emergency!".  From there it went to her asking questions about anything and everything.  I think Sue was exhausted by the end of the hair appointment, but she did a great job.

She looks so sweet and innocent, as long as we keep it pinned back.  We went and got new barrettes for her to use, and a new brush to curl it under when I dry it.  We started to walk down the aisles of Walgreens, where I immediately managed to walk through someone's vomit.  I don't do well with my own kid's, much less someone else's.  I notified the staff, and they had to go look to make sure I was giving them correct information.  Thank goodness the lady confirmed that it was barf, just in case I was making it up.
Abs and I enjoyed a Starbucks, hit the thrift store (found pyrex refrigerator glass), and ran laughing through the snow.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, so Happy Birthday to my big sister!

Gunner and I are catching up on Olympic action.  The kids are tucked into bed, and will hopefully fall asleep sooner rather than later.  Abs has slept through 4 nights out of the last 7, so we are headed in the right direction!


Gypsy at heart said...

They certainly made the best of a strange situation. maybe Abs should aspire to be a stand-up comedian.....

Ashley said...

Your kids are going to love reading all these stories when they are older. It looks like Sue was up for the challenge...very cute haircut!

Julie the Army Wife said...

Her hair looks so cute!

So great to be getting more info on her brain :)

PS I gave you a blog award.

cj said...

She looks so adorable! And it sounds like you're taking great steps forward on so many levels!


Mrs. Bierschenk said...

Abs' haircut is super cute!

The Mrs. said...

she looks so stinkin cute!