Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sick Diet, it's what's for dinner

I made this extensive menu plan for the week, and can't find it anywhere, and can't remember what I was making.  It's okay though since Em returned home from school with an upset stomach. 

Germaphobic mother kicked in.  I've scrubbed the toilets and bathrooms, I gave up on the laundry strike and have been madly washing clothes, towels, sheets and blankets.  All the door knobs and light switches have been scrubbed.

Gunner came and asked me what was for dinner.

Me:  The sick diet of course.
Gunner:  No seriously.
Me:  I am being serious, if she doesn't feel well, we are bound to get it.
Gunner:  That's ridiculous, no one has gotten sick.

He's obviously not around when one of us gets sick and within 24 hours we have all caught it.  

The Mrs. sent us a great care package of treats for the kiddos.  Apparently Abs LOVED them because I found the wrappers underneath the bathroom sink (during my cleaning frenzy) to the gummies and the sour worms.  I thought I had them well hidden, but apparently not.  On the bright side, at least they were organic!  Thankfully she didn't find the lollipops, so I can ration those out.

Disney Live is this weekend and Abs is not excited about it.  I thought she would like it, but she opted not to go.  The tickets were bought, so she's going.  She now walks around saying "Fictional characters, woohoo" in a monotone voice, or "I can hardly stand the anticipation I feel for seeing people in costumes".  I know once she gets there she'll enjoy it, I hope.  At least Junior will be excited.

I watched Hoarders last night for the first time, and I now want to get rid of everything that I own.  It's a good thing that we move so frequently, but I still hang on to too much.  I guess if we are sick all weekend we can sort and toss!


Julie the Army Wife said...

I need to watch Hoarders as I need a kick in the butt to get rid of

Disney Live sounds like fun!!!

Gunner said...

Update. Abs ate the lolly pops this morning.

The Mrs. said...

HA! I *heart* abs. {and gunner he comments. flyboy just emails me his comments its not the same}

I walked into the office a week {or two?} ago and flyboy had eaten 6 packages of gummies while doing work. He doesn't get that those are for the kids, special ordered off amazon. I could care less if he eats food coloring, organic food is wasted on someone who lived next to a pile of burning "trash" in iraq.

and hoarders I never have as much motivation to organize and clean as I do when I watch that show. Too bad its on at 10.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I hope the disney show goes over well!!