Saturday, February 6, 2010

US Olympic Training Center

I LOVE the Olympics.  I love the stories behind the athletes.  I love the sight of the winners on the podium and the tears in their eyes as their national anthem plays.  I cannot wait till next Friday when the opening games will be held in Vancouver.  

We've been wanting to checkout the US Olympic Training Center here in Colorado Springs, but seems like something always comes up, or we are worn out from the gym.  Gunner had training this morning and his trainer is wonderful and lets me join in on Saturday mornings.  We both hurt, but we headed out anyway.

I was trying to get a picture of the kids poking their heads through the rings, but no one wanted to cooperate.  The story of our lives in pictures.

The tours are given ever thirty minutes, so we checked out the gift shop.
We hit the Hall of Fame and tried out the bobsled.
They showed a video of Olympic moments, that made me want to cry throughout, and run back to the gym and workout like crazy.

Instead we went on the tour, since that seemed easier.  I'll hit the gym tomorrow.  You aren't allowed to stop any of the athletes to take pictures because so many of them live there too.  Talk about a deal!  You get free training, room, board, college, and more.  You have to be the top 10-15 in your sport though, so I'm not there yet, maybe next year? 

They have a board when you walk in that lists all of the sponsors of the OTC, and so while the lady was talking, I see Abs hand go up.  I put it down, and then it went back up.  Then Junior looked over and saw his sister's hand up, so his went up.  Our tour guide finally stopped talking and took Ab's question.

Tour Guide:  Do you have a question?
Abs:  Oh yeah.  Can you tell me why there is a beer company that is a sponsor?  It seems to me that if they are athletes and take care of their bodies, that beer probably shouldn't be on their mind. 
(By this point everyone is giggling and agreeing with her)
Tour Guide:  Well it has a lot to do with them having a lot of money and wanting to help.  (She wasn't sure how to answer that question)

We watched some wrestling matches, and one athlete fell in love with Junior.  She was talking to him and asking for high fives. 

We saw the pool, the shooting range was closed, and met paraolympians, saw people working out in the gym, training, etc.  It was really neat, I recommend it if you are in the area.

I took a bunch of pictures of the kids on the medal stand, which turned into tears because Em only wanted gold, and Abs was tired of being the silver medalist.  Finally someone took a picture of all of us so I can say that I was there.
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Wiley said...

How cool! I looooooove the Olympics and am getting rather stupidly excited about its impending start.
Every time I watch the Olympics I get delusions of grandeur and imagine I could actually compete one day... Australia has never sent a curling team to the Olympics so I think I'm well in the running for that one!

Anonymous said...

I love that place! The shooting was closed when I went through there too! But it was so neat seeing some of the swimmers go to the pool and see them up close! I wish we could have taken pictures with them!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I'm super jealous! I love the Olympics and this would have been such an awesome day!

Julie the Army Wife said...

That sounds like a fun place to visit! We have seen a few of the olympic places here in Germany too.