Saturday, March 13, 2010


It was absolutely beautiful in Colorado today. We had plans to hit the gym and then a health fair, but like everything else, plans changed.

We decided on another bike ride, heading south on the Santa Fe Trail this time. We loaded up the 3 bikes, the hitchhiker, the trailer, 5 people, and of course, Sammy the dog.

Junior was king of the hill.

The flag came into play later when we took a walk and it was his "horse". What good is a horse if you can't say "hiddyup"?

Em did not want to go at all. She had all kinds of excuses—I don't want to sweat. I don't want fresh air. I don't like to be outside. I don't like to exercise. It's too cold. The list went on and on and on and on.

We went anyway, much to her dismay.

The south part of the trail was beautiful, and a lot more of it was paved. They had a sign up that said that they want to eventually extend the trail from New Mexico to Wyoming. I'll take that trip, but without the extra 100 pounds I was packing there with Abs attached to me.

We finally reached a turning point, and headed home. Abs and I took off, with Em close behind. We got back to the park and realized that a train had parked and blocked the exit. We waited for Gunner, Sammy and Junior….and waited….and waited. Finally I started running back on the trail to find them.

There was Gunner, walking, holding Sammy's leash as he was walking, followed by Junior who was walking. Gunner was still managing to push the bike followed by the trailer. He was quite a sight, but I didn't have the heart to take a picture of him.

We took the kids home, fed them, and got them situated watching tv and Gunner took me to a mountain bike trail up the road from our house. It's going to be great once it is dry, but it was a little too wet to fly through today.

Gunner fired up the grill and we had ribs, pea/corn salad, beans, and cornbread for dinner.

We got Hurt Locker and it took less than a minute for Gunner to start pointing out inconsistencies.

This will be fun…


Queenie Jeannie said...

Sounds like a fun, full day!!

(They weren't wearing ACUs in 2004.....LOL, my husband was the same way!)

Anonymous said... husband did the same thing through Hurt Locker.

Mrs. Mike said...

I want so badly to get out on another bike ride with Mr Maks!!

And there is no way I will even attempt watching Hurt Locker.

Mary Madeline said...

We just finished Hurt Locker. My husband tore it apart. Not sure why it won best picture!!!

Gypsy at Heart said...

She had better toughen up for London….