Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Day in the Life of ABW

I meant to post this last night....

I hear Em up way earlier than usual.

Finally find out from her that she's not feeling so well.  I order her back to bed with threats of bread and water all day and she can't come out unless she's ready to go to school.

I lysol the house.  Em comes out.  I lysol again.

I get Abs moving because of course this is the first time that she has slept in, in forever.

Get Junior up and moving.  Put him in underwear, but he refuses to go potty, so back in a pullup so he won't pee in the car.  Yeah, it happens.

Load up Abs and Junior, take Junior to hourly care.  It's a new month, so that means more med cards to fill out.  I walked in, they asked his name, and the girl was like "Oh, the boy with all the allergies and meds".

Finish up there, race to Ab's school because I was supposed to meet with the teacher and the principal.  (I was kind of glad that we were late and it didn't happen)  Drop Abs off.  Race back to Em.

Lysol the house again.  Add more lysol to Sam's list.  Check to make sure that all bathrooms are cleaned and well stocked.

Find lost mail keys that I just paid $40 to replace and go gather days worth of mail.

Em starts rumbling that she's bored.  Finally she decides that school is better than being home.  Load her up and take her to school.  Run into principal who wants to have meeting then, but I have to get Junior.  Schedule meeting for 2:30.

Go get Junior, race home, have lunch, play, convince him that going potty is fun.  Put him in underwear.

Take Junior to preschool, go to school to have meeting with teacher and principal.

Meeting occurs.

Pickup girls.  Come home to find smoke alarm chirping.  Leave girls, get Junior, go to commissary to get "batteries".  That leads to a cart full of groceries.  Go home, insert new battery and chirping continues.  I start messing with it, it chirps more.

Kids unload groceries.

Call housing.  Housing said they will come check it out.

Feed kids.

Gunner calls.  Military one source calls to schedule appt for Abs.  Tell military one source that I will have to call them back after I have been waiting for them to call for two days.

Junior pees on the floor.

Maintenance shows up, so I pass Gunner off to the kids.  Junior lets the dog in who then goes crazy and the maintenance people are scared to come down the stairs.  I assure them he won't bite and go to get him outside.

Maintenance leaves and the fire alarm starts chirping.  I go outside to wave down the maintenance people.  Sammy gets out.  Neighbors and I are chasing the dog while I am trying to still talk to Gunner and trying not to run too far so I lose the signal.

Neighbor catches the dog.  Abs puts dog in backyard.  Maintenance comes back in and disconnects the alarm and tells me it is an electrical problem and they will have to have an electrician come tomorrow.  (I have to say that I have never met nicer maintenance men than I have at this post.)

Talk to Gunner a bit more.  Bathe Junior, supervise Abs so there are no Eiffel Bubble Towers, and rotate Em through before the hot water is all gone.

Call back military one source and put kids to bed.  It takes an hour to get through their process.  More on that later, because we can do a self-referral with me looking someone up in the phone book for a lot less of a hassle.  She was nice though.

Kids are still asleep.  I might need a glass of wine tonight.  I want to run tomorrow to try out my new forerunner.  I hope I can fit it in.


Charity said...

Girl, your days are filled to the max!

Allison @ I heart Change said...

Your management skills are amazing!

Allison @ I heart Change said...

By the way, every time I leave a comment I get emailed a message saying that my comment failed to make it to your email. I don't know if that is something fixable on your end but thought I'd tell you about it. You know, because your to do list isn't long enough.

Jill said...

Oh my gosh, girl. I'm exhausted for you! You deserve that glass of wine. Have one for me, too!

Anonymous said...

I think you should have more than one glass of wine.

I don't know how you stay sane.

Lindy said...

That sounds just about how my day went today too. My husband is also deployed and I have 3 young kids too. Everyday is exhausting...

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

My goodness you're a saint!

DB said...

This makes me tired. This is a testament to military wives as well as moms everywhere. I'd have told you to drink the whole bottle except you need to be in top form every day in order to get through. Good job!

cj said...

Ah, yes. The joys of chasing the dog.

I had those with my male shepherd. Fortunately, not this one.

Did Gunner get a laugh out of what was going on while you were trying to talk to him?


Jenna Arnold said...

OMG as a military wife I know days can be hectic and time is not always on our side lol... I have a little girl and one on the way and a chihuahua and the hubby deploys soon and I am just going crazy when i think about how I am going to deal with it all by myself. You have alot going on and thats the strength of an army wife for you tho :) I can say though that even with its crazyness the army is pretty great.

Anonymous said...

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Alisha and Mark said...

Wow, I admire you! You are supermom for sure!

Rhonda said...

At least Gunner knows you're handling your business at home!

Drink the wine AND test out the Forerunner! Wine makes us better runners!

Anonymous said...

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