Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Life With Abs....

It's never easy, and lately it has been harder than hard.  It's not one thing in particular, but a million things at once.  How does that child sleep at night?  Oh wait, she doesn't.  A non-sleeping Abs means a non-sleeping ABW.  I'm worn out.

I'm in the throws of personal training.  I did a 5 K this past weekend and took this girl.

She wanted to run around the track to warm up.  I told her to conserve her energy.  Good thing I did, because .1 miles into the race she decided that we should go the pace of a dead snail.  I did what any parent that wanted to finish would do and put Abs on my back.  I carried the girl for 3 miles, all 68 pounds of her.  I'm still sore.

I've been tackling my 30 day challenges head on.  Remember this picture...

Well I worked on it for about 8 hours.  There's a slight difference.  Two trips to the thrift store.  A full trash can.  I sent the after picture to Gunner and he said "Boy, you have a long way to go".  Thanks babe!

At least you can see some of the floor!  See all those bikes?  This is what happens when you step over the same bike in the same place, and fall once each day because you can barely maneuver due to all the crap.

It looked worse when it happens.  Darn mountain bikes.

I don't want to move anything out of the garage, but I need to in order to get to the front right corner to make some headway.  How come I don't want to?  Because when I am tired and want to quit and not move it back in, I don't have Gunner to come help me.  This might turn into a 365 day challenge at this rate!

The vegetarian eating is going well.  I grabbed a piece of Em's beef jerky yesterday and spit it out when I realized what I was doing.

I took Abs to get her haircut again today.  She had it cut a week ago, but it seemed all uneven, etc.  My girl did it, and explained to me what happened.  She's got my thick hair, and it's straight as a board (that's from her father).  You could cut my hair a million different ways and never be able to tell, I guess that's one benefit to curly hair!

I have a meeting tomorrow morning with Ab's teacher and the principal.  She's actually not in trouble (that was Friday), but I am still not looking forward to it.

Oh, I also had to go get new mailbox keys.  My new garmin gps is sitting in the box probably, if someone didn't find the keys and go take everything.  It's $40.  I will be putting each of the three keys on different rings, in different locations, and not near Abs.  Apparently the one time I sent her to check the mail, she lost the keys on the way to the box, but had forgotten to tell me on the way back.  Did I mention this trip took 20 minutes?

The dotted line is representative of how Abs travels.  She once told me that straight lines were boring.  (Don't bother enlarging, I borrowed this from chamotlabs.com, and the wording was changed to fit their company and makes no sense to me)

Maybe tomorrow I can get Ab's Mr. Potato head project back so I can share some pictures from it, it's cute!


Allison @ I heart Change said...

You are so ready for your race if you're running 3 miles with Abs on your back.

I can see a big difference in your garage pictures. Before long it will be amazing!

dutchgirl (Ellen) said...

Oh my heavens. You put me to shame, I am too lazy to even push my jog stroller most of the time, much less carry the kid! You, my friend, totally rock.

DB said...