Monday, November 1, 2010

I'm Still Alive!

With the introduction of Interactive Metronome into our schedule, we are never home.  Ever.

Add in Crossfit 4 times a week, orthodontist appointments, preschool dropoffs, occupational therapy appointments, and everything else under the sun, and we are home even less.

I decided that I was going to blog every day in November.  I've got a lot I need to say!  A lot of changes taking place.  Em is off traipsing around Japan for just over two weeks, so I am trying to keep Abs and Junior occupied.  Actually I spend my time lugging a box of toys to Ab's appointments so that Junior is kept occupied.

Tonight we went to see the play "If you give a cat a cookie".  The tickets were free, and they have free activities for the kids before the play starts.  Please tell me why I see this one lady from the FRG at all these functions, and every single time the kids are acting like wild animals.  I assured her that they only acted like this for her, even though they have no clue who she is and they probably didn't even notice that I was talking to someone.  Ugh.

The play was great, and they were both enthralled with the performance and participated as it was requested.

Gunner has dropped his retirement papers.  Do you know what this means?  If you do, please share as no one seems to be able to point him in the right direction of what is to happen next.  I totally forgot that he was in the reserves for years before I met him, so he has that time in addition to the 20 years of active duty.  He's done.  Well he will be by this time next year...actually sooner.

If you have any input on retirement, please let me know so we know what to expect!  Thanks!


Allison @ I heart Change said...

I look forward to your daily posts! That's awesome about his retirement. I think you just wait now? I have no idea. Whatsoever. I shall live vicariously through you.

Steph said...

Just stumbled onto your blog, from Lemon Stand, who I found through Midlife Army Wife! Wow- what an eventful morning surfing. I am not a military wife, but I do enjoy reading your blog (as well as the others) and find that you all have a positive outlook which inspires me! I, too, look forward to your daily posts (it was a good time to join in, I see!).

DB said...

I don't know how you keep all those appointments straight.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Wow! That's awesome about the retiring!

Jessica said...

That is great about retirement! I wish I knew what that meant...have not crossed that bridge yet =)

Look forward to your daily blogging

Erin said...

I don't know what retirement mean... We have a ways to go before crossing that bridge, but it's pretty exciting to know it's around the corner!

Our friend just retired and I think he just handed in his paperwork and waited until he got word of his final day. One day he was there, the next he wasn't. (shrug) Sorry. I wish I could be more help.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you had your question answered about what dropping his retirement papers mean, but I have a few answers for you...

The first thing it means is that they are going to approve/disapprove his retirement. He had to put a date on his papers about when he wanted to retire, and they (meaning BIG ARMY) will say "yay" or "nay". Usually, it is "yay".

When he gets back from deployment, he is going to have tons to do. His first step will be to go to ACAP. He has to get a DD2648 (and a briefing that goes with it) so that he can actually get his orders cut.

His next step is to go to the retirement services office for their paperwork and briefing.

Eventually, he will go through all the steps he went through everytime you PCS'd. The only difference is that it's the last time he is outprocessing Finance, Housing, CIF, etc...

I used to work in the transition office, so if you have any questions, please let me know!