Friday, November 5, 2010

Junior & Potty Training

Those words shouldn't even go in the same title, as they just aren't happening.

The doctor told me to lay off, and I have been.  We went back to pullups and I haven't really pressed the issue.

Preschool doesn't feel the same way, and they put a lot of pressure on him.  One teacher in particular, who has to be all of 19, is on his case to potty train.  Bottom line......Junior can't stand her, and I don't push that either.

Well the lead teacher decided that my sweet boy needed to have a behavioral therapist come to observe him.

My response?  I know he's stubborn (like his dad).

She came to observe him, and brought along three interns.

What did they find????  NADA.  She said he was so excited about learning, was inquisitive, curious, and even though he was wiggly, it was well within the typical range.  She said that he had already created techniques to control himself, which she doesn't see a lot of at 4 years old--i.e. putting his hands in his pockets to keep from taking something or sitting on his hands during circle time.  She thought he exhibited characteristics of a gifted child, and that she thought the pace of the preschool was probably too slow for him.  (I agree that I could probably find a better preschool other than the free one through the school district, but when your kiddo isn't potty trained, they aren't an option. Sigh.)

The behavioral therapist could not find anything wrong with him other than he was not potty trained, and that this one particular teacher had gotten into a power struggle with him over it, and it made it worse.

They (the teachers) insisted something was up.  They sent her in to observe again.  Once again, rave reviews, and now the behavioral therapist is in love with my boy.

So what's the end result?  She did suggest play therapy to get him to work on the potty training.  I looked at her like she must be smoking something if she thought I had time for another appointment with all of Abbie's stuff going on.  She is now coming to the house and working around my schedule.

Heck, if they can get him potty trained, I am all for it.  Goodness knows we have tried everything else, so maybe they can get through to him.  Plus the behavioral therapist is great, and I really like her.

Wish them luck, and wish me a diaper free time for the first time in about 13 years.


Aimee said...

Good luck on the potty training:)

McMGrad89 said...

Good luck. He is a boy and he will do it when he is ready, but congrats on getting Beh Ther to come to the house. Maybe it will work.

Photina said...

Good luck! I hope they are able to help. And it is really awesome that they are willing to come and work around your schedule.

The Mrs. in Stilettos said...

Fingers crossed!!!

The Cade Family said...

His hesitance to potty train is not a reflection of poor parenting. Don't ever let any teacher or anyone else make you feel otherwise. He's a strong little boy, and he's made it a long time with his daddy gone. You've made it, too, with three children and trash day EVERY week! Us moms don't know how you do it. You're both doing an amazing job, and it will happen when Junior's ready.

DB said...

I absolutely love this story because I know you and know what an amazing parent you are, though teachers are often insinuating that you're not. They just don't get it. Junior not potty training has to do with his power struggle--the one thing he can control in his life. Having his daddy gone is not helping matters. Time with the behavior therapist can't hurt. I mean, do they think you don't want him potty trained? Give me a break. Good luck as always!

Allison @ I heart Change said...

Fingers crossed that it works. Or that he wakes up tomorrow and decides diapers suck and potties are awesome.

Julie the Army Wife said...

It can be so hard when they just won't use the potty. I cried so many tears over my oldest and now I am starting to worry it will be the same road with my 2nd son. I know they say they do it when they are ready but it gets to be so frustrating on a day to day basis.