Saturday, December 18, 2010


Every month or so, the Brigade posts shout-outs from down range.

I watch them.  I look for Gunner.  He's never there.

On FB the other day I wrote:
ABW:  Before I have to be thoroughly depressed that I watch another series of "shout-outs" and you aren't on there, let me know if you ever do one!

Gunner:  Like a camera crew is going to give up their safety to come out to my little chunk of the war.

I should give up, but I noticed they posted a new one.  

I watched it, and no matter what, even if I don't know the guys, they still get me.  I think of all the people left behind.  All the people spending Christmas without their Soldier this year.  It just makes me sad.

But then they post the "bloopers" and I laugh and laugh.  

So....does your brigade, unit, or whatever you want to call it do the shout-outs?  Has your husband ever done one?  I thought for sure after 5 years away from us, someone would want to tape him!

Funny story, before we had yahoo and instant messanger, when the guys lived in tents during the deployment in 2003, they used to video tape the families at the company.  The girls were 5 and 2, and we got two minutes to talk to the video camera and then clear out for the next family to tape their message.

I showed up with Em and Abs in full dressup garb (their idea).....complete with boas.  Once the taping started, we were at a loss as to what to do for two minutes, so I decided that they should sing the ABC's.  

I'm holding them, one on each leg, boas fully visible, and the singing begins.

A B C D....the girls are sharing the ONE microphone.
EFGHIJ.....the girls are starting to fight over the microphone.
KLMONP....the war has begun.
QRSTUV.....the feathers from the boas are now flying around us as I try to grab the microphone and continue singing.
WXY and Z....the war begins again, I'm grabbing the microphone, feathers still flying, both girls screaming, me singing, and we end with me begging for him to return.

Gunner said he had never laughed so hard in his life.  He wasn't looking for the perfect message, but he did catch a glimpse of his "perfect" family.


Abbey said...

Ryan has never done a shoutout to us, as he thinks that stuff is "silly" but I, too, look for him every time they come on the t.v. I remember sending Ryan video tapes & all the guys shared a camcorder to send stuff back. Ahhh... the good ol' days. Ha!

McMGrad89 said...

Before video, my mother used to make cassette tapes (okay really they were reel to reels) of me for my dad when he was away.

Your story of the girls' video cracks me up and brings tears to my eyes all at the same time.

I made a video for Gary once that I posted to my blog for him. It was a video of James asking him to bring home Jellybeans from the "Jellybean Islands." (Gary was in the Philippine Islands at the time.) I told Gary he better find some jellybeans before he came home.

Mrs Smoke said...

I made a Christmas video for my hubby this year. I obviously was talking while making it which thoroughly confused our poor dog. He of course assumed that if I was talking and no one was there I must be talking to him and want to play. So half way through the video here comes dog with his play football trying to get my attention, you could hardly hear what I had to say over the incessant squeaking of his toy! Then I tripped over him! Hubby got the video last week and said it was classic clumsy wife.

Uncle Dan said...

Maybe they should change the title to "Shout Further Out" or "Shout Way Out."

Anonymous said...

I just needed to say thank you. Thank you to your husband, and to you and your beautiful children for making the sacrifices that you do for this country. God bless you and have a wonderful Christmas. I realize that it won't be complete without him, but just know that there are those of us out here thinking of you.