Sunday, January 16, 2011

Catching Up

Alegria was wonderful.

From facebook:  ABW had a great time at Alegria. The girls were amazed. We had watched people flying through the air, throwing flaming batons around, and more when Abs leans over and says "I don't know if this was the best place to take me, because I am now full of ideas!" She's planning on doing human body bending during recess from now on instead of "wasting her time with something useless like playing".

It was definitely worth the expensive tickets, and even Em sat there with her mouth open through parts of it.  I suggested that after Gunner retired he could be one of the fire guys, but the girls didn't think he fit the bill.  Whatever!

I just watched the Bachelor, and the vampire girl is still there?  Really?  He must get extra money to keep her around.  At least those two catty girls--the waitress and the manscaper--are gone.  All the crying and stuff was getting on my nerves.

I like Emily the best, and I hope it is not her that wants to leave next week.

I'm over the one on one dates and them having private concerts.  Please.

On the potty training front, Junior has decided that he is going to clean himself up and not tell me.  He came downstairs from quiet time and had on three pairs of underwear.  He had pooped, found some wipes, cleaned himself up the best he could and changed.  He stuffed his pullup in the closet, and his hands were filthy.

Into the tub we went.  On the bright side, he is taking care of it, on the other hand, I'm grossed out!  Let's hope things get better.  I figure he will wait till I have one trash day left and then knock it out and be potty trained by the time Gunner comes home.  I would not find that amusing.

I took Sammy to get groomed today, but apparently he was missing an updated rabies shot.  Don't they check these things?  They could tell me as soon as I walked in the door after my 45 minute drive, so it seems that they could have saved me the trouble.  Instead we did the self wash, had his nails clipped, and will figure it out this week.  At least he is clean and fluffy again, since he was looking pretty nasty from all the snow he's been traipsing through this week.

Here's to another week down.  Last week lasted f-o-r-e-v-e-r, so I am hoping this week will fly by to make up for it.

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