Thursday, February 10, 2011

Homecoming Ideas

Okay, so I can count on one hand the number of trash days I have left, and it could be sooner.

Gunner is coming back to a stressed out wife, and three angelic (while they sleep) children.

We're meeting him at the airport and going through security, just for the heck of it.  Can we take balloons through?  I'm thinking we can't.

Any cute ideas for shirts for the kids to wear?  Or should I just buy them each a new outfit?

Any great places to find a welcome home outfit for myself?  I'm thinking that since I will have three children to chase (okay, so Em doesn't need much chasing) that I will need to have jeans on.  Any ideas will be appreciated.

I already warned him that if the next few weeks go like the last few, that he shouldn't expect the house to be spotless.  I don't anticipate buying furniture or a tv or much of anything before he gets back.

I feel like I am dropping the ball as this is his last homecoming, and I live for these.  How can I make it extra special?  (Yes I know that seeing us will make everything good to go, but surely you have a few extra ideas!)

Any help will be appreciated!!!


KKN said...

Hand held flags for the kids. We civilians deeply appreciate our military.

Alyssa said...

We're making a small poster, with a picture of my son the day my husband left, and a picture from now. I think your kids are a little older, but it worked so well for me because our son was a preemie and was only five pounds when my husband left...he's 17 now! There have been a lot of changes in his looks in 8 months!

Maybe you could get the kids all matching outfits...something Army or something red white and blue?
My son is wearing an entire Red Wings Outfit, because my husband loves the red wings. Maybe you could dress each of your kids in something having to do with a favorite team or sport of your hubbys.


tara king said...

I just live for homecomings they make the entire deployment worth it! I try to always wear the outfit (or colour) my partner likes the best on me (blue), do my hair how he likes (curly) etc. It makes him feel like i'm there entirely for him on that day :)

Also coming from him- the little things like signs and posters are great but it's so overwhelming that a lot of the little stuff gets lost in the blur of the moment. His favourite memory was from the last homecoming when I had a mini cooler in the car with a little selection of his favourite drinks (beers) and snacks for the trip home.

Just enjoy the moment for what it is you have him home!

Vintage Love and Photographs said...

I have no suggestions that aren't typical lol

Last year I worked on a sign for him for two months (partly because his date to come back kept getting pushed out) and then I had a small surprise party for him..I told him to go see the new Harry Potter movie alone cause I wanted to go shopping and instead I went off and got what I needed and a cake I had made for him.

Honestly if I were a soldier coming back from a deployment I would just be happy to see my family there and then maybe want my favorite meal at home. Very low key.

Anonymous said...

For the outfit... I would deff hit up Target! It's my go-to for everything. As for the kids, anything red white and blue :) and they can make their own welcome home signs! Just saeeing you will be more than enough I would think

Mrs. Gu said...

I personally love the balloon idea, but I don't think security will love it as much. You could always call someone and try to find out. Then again, it can all be very overwhelming and balloons don't really help make it less overwhelming. I think small flags for the kids would be great -- outfits for them I have no idea, though (if the girls like wearing their hair up) you could put yellow ribbons on their hair. I think there's actually a cadence about a girl who wears a yellow ribbon on her hair.. anywho.

Ideas for you? Target. Most definitely. Love their clothes and best of all they're affordable!

The Life And Times Of and Infantry Wife said...

Not sure if you'll be able to see the picture or not, but yes! You can take balloons in! If you can't see the picture, just know that they make you put them through the xray machine. Because apparently things aside from helium float.....; )

TheAlbrechtSquad said...

Balloons, yes! Handmade signs, yes!

Honestly, simple is good. While the signs and balloons will make it more exciting for everyone, what he wants to see most is you guys.

Custom shirts might be fun.

I had a sign that said his rank and name and then REPORT HERE with a big arrow pointing down. He got a kick out of that.

Homecomings are exciting, it will be special because you will be together!

P.S. I swear I recognize you guys, were you at Hood and did your kids go to CCE? I think one of your daughters was in the Deployment Club.

Candace @ArmyWives'Lives said...

Yeah...I totally blew this one!

First, when my husband came home from leave, I had given birth 48 hours earlier and had to drive 3 hours down to San Antonio to have my dd's heart condition diagnosed. I was just too exhausted to pick him up and he took a cab.

Then, when he came home "for real" three months later, it was a couple of weeks before everyone because our dd required open heart surgery.

Poor guy got no big homecoming, just a pick-up at the curb, a three-months' postpartum wife, and spent his birthday in the hospital the day before his 30th birthday. Meanwhile, the birthday gift I had put together for him (messages & photos from his friends and family) had been shipped out and missed him in transit.

I did get him a wooden model of the vehicle he used on his convoys. And I did dress me and the baby in Artillery Red. But that is about all we managed.

So, compared to me, you're doing a great job!

Carissa said...

When we picked up Zack for RnR we took a balloon through security. It was a small airport but they didnt' even bat an eye. It's worth a try anyway!

Logan's Crew said...

Not too sure how it will work with security and stuff, but I plan on hiring a photographer to document the homecoming. I love homecoming pictures, but I know that I will be far too pre occupied to even think about taking any!

Jessica said...

I get my kids cutsom tees from
there are a lot of different styles and I have always been pleased with how they turned out

as far as outfits go, I have had luck at Maurice's and Kohls