Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's Day During Deployment

Gunner and I aren't the mushy type, and the thought of battling crowds on Valentine's Day is not appealing to me.

Ummmm....right now what is appealing to me is getting back into my house!!

Anyway, what do you do to celebrate Valentine's Day while they are gone?  Out to eat?  Movies?  Something special with the kids?  Do you buy the kids presents?  Get a babysitter and go out with a friend?

I'm sure Gunner will call if he can, and to be totally honest, that's okay if that's all he can do.

I have a friend whose husband wraps presents for every holiday and extras for when she is "blue", and leaves them with another friend to deliver at the proper times.  Considering that we moved 5 days before he left, I knew that was happening, but I thought it was a great brilliant idea!

How do you celebrate?


naila said...

that is amazing, he leaves gifts? how romantic geez i would melt!
we hardly ever do anything too crazy for val day until the past couple of years we have gone and bought each other a nice gift. something we know we may only ever get one of!
this year he is deployed, and so for val day i put together a little package for him, very typical, lots of sweets, a hallmark puppy that says i ruv u and wiggles his ears (were BIG ANIMAL LOVERS!) and threw in a little bit of heart confetti. im not sure i'd want to embarrass him with a bunch of stuff that i would rather receive being the chick.
and well his gift was that fender guitar that hes been wanting for a while. and mine was a new camera.
and SOOOOO, for val day i'll be going to dinner with a friend and were gonna spoil our dogs rotten with dog treats that we had made for them! lol

Anonymous said...

I think it's sweet that the husband leave gifts with a friend to deliver to his wife while he's deployed. That's awesome!

This Valentine's Day I am going out to dinner with some single/divorced friends and friends whose husbands are also deployed.

The Social Frog said...

When hubby is gone, I don't do anything special on Valentines Day, we will talk on the phone but nothing to different. When he is home, thats another story. We don't have kids yet, but if we did I would do what my parents had done when I was younger. They would buy us something a little special and dad would usualy buy us girls a small potted rose bush, from him. So, that was special growing up.