Monday, March 19, 2007


I started this blog, made some posts, and then deleted them all. It's not like anyone reads it anyway. Hubby was picked up for recruiting. I have mixed feelings on the subject, that's for sure! We will make it work though for the next three years, and at least it gets us out of Texas and into a new environment. I know there are tons of horror stories out there about recruiting, but we have had several friends that have done it, and while the hours are long, it got better after about the first year.

I still have a lot of questions and research to do though. Hubby leaves next month to go to school and then apparently at the end of school we will find out where we are going. I have already booked our vacation and have started lining up summer activities to keep us busy until the big move. I just hope the big move doesn't means we are still in this part of Texas!!!

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