Monday, March 19, 2007


I decided that I finally needed to lose the baby weight since Junior is about 9 months old. I have been hitting the gym hard almost every day and doing weight watchers. I've made it to 13 pounds so far. Not too much further to go till I am happy and can fit in my old clothes! Junior doesn't like to go to the gym daycare that much, so I try to just work out for an hour at a time when I have him unless the girls are there to help keep an eye on him. My goal is to be in shape by the time hubby comes home from recruiting school before we head out to our new location! We would love to go overseas, but I have heard that it is hard to get OCONUS the first go around. Blech. I want to hear how easy it is!!! Something is bound to go right for us one of these days!!!

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