Friday, April 6, 2007

I'm back....

and calmer. I think it was just the shock of the last minute change of plans that threw me for a loop. I'm not a big fan of Fort Hood. There are tons of good things about this place, but it is our second tour here, and we have been here 4 1/2 years this second time. I have restless feet and am ready to move!

My current goal is to work out where the girls are going to go to school next year. I am dealing with the staff at DQ's school and making some progress. We will know more after next week when they try her out in a different classroom. If there was a different private school here from the one that I pulled her from (and I STRONGLY recommend you never put your child in that one) I would move her there, but since there isn't one any better, I guess we will stick with public.

I'm also trying to decide what to do with Abs and Montessori school. The primary program is in a neighboring town and is all day with bus service. That would be great if I worked, but since I don't, I have a hard time dealing with having her there for so long. I could go pick her up in the afternoon, but I need to pick DQ up at the same time in this town and she has no bus service. It would mean a lot of driving and miles and expense, which I am fine with, but I am trying to weigh if the benefits are really worth it.

I was also hoping to get Junior into a Mother's Day Out program at a Church when we moved, but I don't see that happening now. It was much easier when we didn't have kids in school!

I just got home from the gym and have a ton of things to do today. Hubby is home from the field for a three day weekend which is nice. Tomorrow we will go to an Egg Hunt in Crawford on behalf of the Western White House, for military families and Sunday spend the day at church and with family.

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