Thursday, May 24, 2007

Field Time

DH is out in the the rain. They are preparing their tanks for gunnery. He sent me videos yesterday on my phone, but I never got around to getting the cables to hook my phone to my computer so I can't share yet. I'll add that to my ever growing list of things to do.

Anyway, my husband absolutely loves what he does. He got home last night and I asked him if he had fun and he told me he was miserable. I laughed and he admitted he had a great time. After watching the video I understand why he stays on tanks! I told him they need to have a "take your wife to the field day" so I can check things out. I'll pass on anything longer since with my curly hair I need a shower every day!

DH will be in for the 4 day weekend and then off to shoot gunnery and we won't see him for a while. I definitely have enough to keep me busy as the girls will be out of school and I have two vacations to plan. I haven't started on the one to Washington DC and I spoke to a friend of mine from college that was one of my husband's groomsmen and we are headed out to Boston in November for 10 days without children to visit the area (and him!). Right before DH deploys we try to take at least one trip with just the two of us so we can enjoy a little bit of time together without having to worry about the children. Thankfully my mom lives close by and steps in and takes care of the children for us. Thanks mom!

Junior is calling my name.....

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