Friday, May 25, 2007

I can see clearly now, the rain is gone

It should be back by this afternoon though. We spent over 8 hours without electricity yesterday and finally gave up and went to sleep. The girls over time had managed to find every flashlight and deplete them of their batteries so we were left with one hand crank flashlight that my MIL gave us for Christmas. DH finally made it home after having to go around a lot of accidents and turn around because of low water crossings, etc. As he was coming home he saw that Bush's Chicken was over so he stopped and picked us up some dinner. The girls and I love gizzards!!

As Chris turned down our street the water was coming up over the hood of his car and the enginge started to make funny noises. It wasn't that deep all over but because of the design of this subdivision all the water ends up there. Thank goodness I didn't have to drive anywhere!

Abs picnic wasn't cancelled and so we went out to BLORA for a few hours. By the time we ate and the girls played in the water for half an hour, the lightening started up. I had Junior in a stroller and thankfully as it started to pour another mom came and helped me get him up the stairs, The girls were screeching and covering themselves with towels while they were in their bathing suits. They crack me up!

We managed to make it to Temple to get Ab's prescription and almost all the way home before the rain started up. I think I am ready for the girls and I to switch over to a doctor on post. I got a little irritated with the office and it wasn't the first time they screwed things up. I know they mean well, but they keep screwing up prescriptions, and once they gave me something to which she was allergic (I caught it before I got it filled).

I need a vacation....

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