Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My Current Favorite Baby Product

With every child I have found one thing more useful than another. With Junior I have to say that hands down it is my baby carriers. I strap Junior into the Mei Tei or the sling and go. I am able to get more things done and he just hangs out with little sidekick. At the urging of a friend a few months ago I ordered an ERGO. I am in heaven with this thing. I usually wear him on my back and I can be hands free and do laundry, clean, set the scooba or roomba to go, and play with the girls. He doesn't like it much if I am standing still (well unless I am washing dishes) but other than that he is content. It even has a sleeping hood so if he falls asleep I can secure his little head so he can continue napping while I continue running around the house taking care of things.

We took the ERGO a few months ago to Explore UT and it was a lifesaver. Not only could Junior use it, but Abs, our very tired 6 year old by the end of the day, was able to ride comfortably in it and it did not hurt DH's back at all.

My sister just had a baby and when she comes to visit I am going to let her try mine out and I know she will be sold on it. Anyway, helpful hint from me #746.

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