Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Narrow Minded People

I belong to several email lists via yahoogroups. Most of them I could take or leave, but often I find some bit of useful information that makes the sorting through the emails worthwhile. Anyway, today an email came across and it just made me mad (I changed all the names and actually was able to keep the name changes clean!).

We got bad news this morning. Millie's cousin who was in the Military died while in training in Alberta. His truck flipped over and he was pronounced dead at the hospital. He was only in his early 20's. Please keep his parents, Millie's Aunt and Uncle Mavis and Davis in your prayers as the wait for the only son body to be shipped home. Think of his sisters to they are in their early twenties and this will be a hard blow. Millie is in a fog. She was close with him, She and her parents lived upstairs and his parents and family lived downstairs. Millie use to babysit him and change his diapers. We can't afford to go back for the funeral. But, we have a planned vacation there in a few weeks, so she will be able to spend time with the family then.
I know a lot of you are military families. But, Millie and I really feel like the military wasted a promising young life and ruins many other promising young lives. 4 boys from this
area have died recently in Afghanistan. My heart hurts for the mothers, who held them closed and put them to bed like I do with Rufus. I hope to God Rufus never ever joins.
While it is unfortunate that this young man died, where does she think the world would be without young men and women who were willing to join the military and defend their country? I sure don't want my husband to die, but I also don't want to be the one who is sitting there enjoying freedoms and expecting someone else to foot the bill for me because I deem myself "more valuable" than someone else.

I believe in the job that my husband does and support him 100%. Thank goodness he doesn't have to deal with idiots like this....

Disclaimer: If this makes no sense it's because I am tired and too mad to make any sense right now!

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