Sunday, June 10, 2007

Back to the hospital

Took Junior in for a follow up today and he was admitted. He was wheezing and grunting and having a hard time breathing. They sent him for a second xray and they sent me up to Pediatrics. We get there, get him hooked up to all the machines and the boy acts like he is wild and is all over the "cage" they put him in. He ripped off all the leads and finally I just took them off. The doctor saw him and said his xrays looked better and they think it might be viral since the antibiotics aren't working. So they gave me the option of staying or leaving and I agreed that I would rather be home but if it got worse I didn't want to wait in the er for 9 hours. They said to call them and they will meet me in the er and take him up if that happens. Hopefully not. I came home and napped and now Junior is out. DH is at the commissary--the man is the slowest grocery shopper I have ever met--and the girls are at the outlaws swimming in the neighbors pool. Now if I could just feel better....

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