Monday, June 11, 2007


began today. I was a little worried about how Abs would do this year. Last year I was 8 months pregnant, huge as a house in the Texas heat, with DH deployed. I dropped off the girls and within a few hours got a phone call that Abs wasn't behaving. The people that worked there were Saints! They would let Abs hang out with them and even had one sit with her during class so that she could remain. This was a lifesaver as I was so miserable and needed that time to sleep. (I did have a 10 lb 1 oz bouncing baby boy a few weeks later which explained the huge amount of discomfort)

I was really worried that we would have a repeat of last year but Abs assured me that she was going into first grade and there would be no problems. Thank goodness everything went well! (Later on in the summer Abs was asked to leave a VBS, so I had a reason to be concerned! I probably have the only child that gets booted from VBS!)

Junior napped and I cleaned. Such an exciting life I lead....

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Jill said...

Just ran across your blog. Hope you have nice summer. I understand the soldier's body has been found. So sad. My younger daughter is teaching VBS in Early. I have visions of chos, ha. Take care.