Monday, July 23, 2007


I joined a new gym today. My membership expired at the old place and they wanted to charge me an arm and a leg to join. The guy who originally signed me up called me and offered me pretty much the same deal the girl at the desk offered and I told him I was going to look around. He called back a few hours later and gave me a better deal but still not that great. I joined their competitor. They threw in 6 months for Chris so that is nice since we rarely can workout together.

Tonight Chris met me and we went to a Spinning class. I was okay but Chris had a hard time. He did make it through the class and then he took the kids home and I swam for half an hour. I loved swimming in high school but with three kiddos I rarely have time for it. The pool was a big selling point to me. Anyway, the class was 10 times better than the other class so we are good to go.

DH and I also got new bikes on Saturday. The bike shop was great and we took them for a spin on Sunday. We rode the hills about 12.44 miles and it was great! Maybe I will be ready for 40 miles in October....I hope.

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